White widow and bubble gum indoor hydroponic grow

I have two plants going. One is a DWC bucket and the second is a waterfarm bucket. The white widow is in the dwc bucket and the bubble gum is in the waterfarm. The seeds come from the beginners pack. I had to leave the AK 47 out of this cycle. Hoping to add it in the next cycle. I started the germination process 2/15/2020. They look good to me but again my 1st grow so a bit unsure. Can someone take a look and let me know what you think. I am also try to get a good idea of when to flip to flower. I have then in a 24×30×80 grow tent. They are on a light cycle of 18/6. For the nutrients I am using Sensi Grow A+B.


Looking great so far !!!

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Thanks alot. Any suggestions on what to look for to help guide me in knowing when to switch to flower? Do I look at the stems thickness or height? From the base of plug used to germinate the plant is about 14 inches to top leaf. The stem exposed over the pebbles measures about 9 inches to the top leaf. The bubble gum is a bit shorter by 3 inches over all. I have them in a 80 inch grow tent.

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Welcome to the forum. I’m assuming that these are photos and not autos. Photos won’t flower until they are mature enough even if you flip to 12/12. You are in control as to when to flip depending on how big of a plant you want and space confinements. They will usually, not always close to double in size once flipped. I hope that this helps :v:


Let them veg until they are about 3’ or half the distance to the max light setting. Just assume double after flip. If your not topping or anything but definitely judge by light height.
OR how soon you need smoke… LoL