White widow and Ak47 Auto, future grow

Just ordered some haze autos. Waitin for the payment to be processed. It’ll be making an appearance in the auto grow


Hey @garrigan62, since you doin the auto experiment.
This grow I was planning on starting them in the jiffy soil in a solo cup. Then puttin them in to 3 gallon smart pot. Should I keep them in the solo cup till the get a good root structure, then full the pot up then take the cup put and away in a sense or just fill the pot up and then use the jiffy in a small place and place the seed inside it so the roots have a chance to get established before hitting the actual soil?

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@garrigan62 or @Majiktoker could you scrap this entire post form me? I decided to go a different route with it or clean it up an I can remake it what it is going to be haha

Which ever is easiest on y’all, thank you in advance

Oops wrong thread lol sorry bout that cant remove it and what needs to be cleaned buddy

Haha nevermind brother. I’ll just make another thread for the next grow

Lol alright buddy