White widow aficionados

Ventilation yes,no humidifier or ac here in Ny .temp is at 77-80° night 65°

Tent 32x32x64" keep open mist of the time

Ph for coco coir should be around 5.8 -6. If you ph is 7 you probably having a nutrient lockout. The plant can’t uptake nutrients with it being that high.
Flush the plant with 3 times the pot size with water ph’d to 5.8 .

No issues here… going into week 9. Green crack, and Gold leaf have definitely surpassed this girl, and I have had to adjust more with her then the others, but all is good… not great, but good.

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Welcome to ilgm!! Looks great


What does EC stand for? Thanks that’s 6 gallons of H20 in one 2 gallon pot right, 1 gallon pots would be 3gallons h20 each correct? You know they haven’t grown in a week! Are they history?

EEEElectric CCCConductivity

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Wow! That’s her? How old is she?

I took 6 gallons and rinsed them all. Run off Low about 5.0ph, the H20 is 5.-5.8ph right?

Cannabis consumes nutrients at different levels. Ideally, you should water between 6.3-6.5 in soil. 5.5- 5.8 in hydroponics.

End of week 8.