White widow AF height question


Growing indoors, soil, hps/mh lights 4x4x6.5 tent.
My question is this; my white widow is right at 8weeks from seed. They are growing very very well I think, being this is my first grow ever, BUT they are 42 inches tall now, and everything i’ve read says they only get around 20-24 inches.
I know every plant is different but these girls are really big. I’m seeing preflower and just kinds of wondering if they will get much taller? They seem very healthy, just kind lf wondering is all. I can post sl e pics if that will help.
Thanks for any replies in advance.



You didn’t say how many plants you had going in your tent.
and the answer to your question is… Yes, they will almost double in size


I have four girls growing. I germinated 5 seeds but o e didnt take off (my fault) I didnt get her into the soil well a d she gave it a go, but being a first timer I was too late to fix it. In all honesty the fifh plant would have made it tight as heii IMO.
What do you mean they will doubble in size? Do you mean from the 20-24 inches i’ve seen on a bunch of sites?
Thanks bud for the help aslo.


Yes … They will double when you flip to 12/12 so your looking at around 82" to 88" tall.
You’ll most likely have to do some LST that’s Low, Stress, Training
You fine the " SOFT SPOT " on the stem and squeeze until the branch starts to bend over. Pretty neat trick and you may want to tie the branch from the ceiling.
and you’ll get a much better yield.
I’ll tell you later on how you can get even more yield after the lst deal … ok ?


When a plant starts to flower it will usually double in height. So if it begins to flower at 36" it will end at harvest 72". That is rule of thumb but doesnt happen all the time. I am growing white widow autos too. AT 4 weeks and 4.5 weeks from ground break my girls started to flower. If you are having height problems look up scrog and lst… that will spread them out to get more light and grow sideways so you have some room. Usually for this strain it is 4 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower… give or take… YES… pictures are always helpful


Yes that’s correct. My last post was incorrect I had the height wrong but I fixed that and yes height will vary with different strains and or genitics


Ok here are a few pics of WWAF. I have 4 plants in there.


The pics of the tops of them dont look good but they are very nice looking to the eye. Sorry for the quality.
They may not look it in the pics but we’ve measured them and they are 42 inches now, at 8 weeks.


Good job! Those are monsters for AFs


ASAP…flip to 12/12. Most plants will double during first two weeks of flower.
Be a good idea to watch the videos on LST and topping.

Btw…plants are getting a little too much nutes. Learn to read the leaves. Crinkled leaves means too much nutes…and/or…ph issues.


These are auto flowers, yes?

My WW autos that I didn’t train or top got to 36 to 40 inches. I started seeing flowers at about 28 days and then the plants stretched. Autos don’t typically need 12/12 to trigger the flowering phase. My opinion you have already gone through the auto-flowing stretch and she is going to slow down. It is tough to tell in your pics but do you have decent flowering already.


in my opinion you may have photo plants there… my white widow auto started to flower at 4 weeks. Go lights 12/12 and in a week you should start to see some hairs growing


That was my thought as well. I’m growing White Widow and Super Skunk auto flowers. They started flowering at about 12 inches in height. They shot up to 18-22 inches in height and have remained there since. They are 4 weeks into flowering now.


Thank you for the replies, I appreciate them very much. I’m going to switch the lights to 12/12 tomorrow.
I got the seeds from here, but maybe they got mixed up or something. I was thinking they are very tall for AF’s but being brand new to this I really don’t know.
Hoping to see some hairs in a week with the 12/12 lights.


Ok here are a few pics of them today. They are 10 weeks 2 days from seedlings.
I have backed off on the nutes and switched my lights to 12/12 for the last 2 week. Right around 8 weeks old.
I bought the seeds from this site and bought white widow autoflower but I’ll be darned if they look li,e autos to me, and I’m brand new to all this.
Anyway if anyone sees where I might need help please let me know. Thanks all


Oh by the way I measured them today and they are 61 inches tall,lmao


Do you still have the package your seeds came in? If they are White Widow Auto Flower, the item number should have WWFA (yes FA, not AF) in it. Check your invoice, too…


This is the invoice I have.
I’m not sure what they are???


You have photo plants my friend if they were auto they would be labeled ILG-WW-FAP5 I thought I ordered auto and received photo but I was extremely lit when I ordered flip to 12-12 now I verified my order at 12 weeks also just takes longer but height might be a concearn


I switched the lights 2 weeks ago when they hit 8 weeks old.
And thank you so much for letting me know they are photos.
Any more advice is appreciated.