White Widdow seem to be growing extremely slow, outdoor

What do you guys think my plants? is this normal size or a little small?

This is from 26th Sep when they started popping up after germination in wet paper.

This is them now about 6 weeks later

Ive been away since the seedling stage. My wife has been watering them when she attends to the Veg garden and is feeding once a week with organic worm juice we got from the lady down the road who has an insane vegie garden. Ill be home in 6 days

Outdoor grow, Qld Australia
plenty of sunlight
White widow Auto
dirt is just top soil from the landscaping place
PH is good, well thats what the wife tells me, I have a suspicion she didn’t actually test it.

They are in flower…
Never had a chance to vegg…
You must have been flowering from the get go…


Yes, very small to be flowering! If days are getting longer you need to bring them inside for darkness or they will reveg and at this point that would not help! Try to let them bud out and in the meantime maybe start you some new seeds for a summer grow!


thanks for the info, I thought autos would only start flowering after a certain time frame, and it had noting to do with light cycle.


Some autos will start flowering when their roots hit the bottom of their container. I have a strain that is bad about it. If they’re all in flower and all about the same size, I’m going to say they stress flowered when their tap roots hit the bottom of the plastic seedling tray.


Ahhh very helpful, I asked the wife and said she could see some roots in the bottom of the seedling tray. so I guess that explains it. Thank you

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I could be wrong, but I think it’s the soil/dirt.
Looks like the drainage isn’t good. I’ve done the same thing before and had a similar outcome. I used top soil and just some random yard soil. My next grow I took the same cheap top soil and mixed with compost and alot of perlite and I had a better plant with the same strain!

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@yowie you are correct! I did not see that they were autos, until I just reread your post! It would seem stress to be the culprit, try to correct issue and give it another go. Start a journal so we can follow along!
Welcome to the ILGM forum, hope you enjoy it here!


@Holmes I`ll be giving it another go very soon. With a few tweaks.
Its been fun so far :smiley: :+1:

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So I re potted my plants the other day and found the original soil was super dense with poor water flow.
since transferring they are doing much better, leaves are starting to green up, hopefully they go nuts and grow something before harvest time.

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