White Widdow Fem. Start of flower

This is one or two days into flowering my White Widdow Fem from ILGM. All Beans split and all have been going great and this one is my baby with the best pheno of total short bushiest

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Look’s good there my friend. I have been growing WW now for 5 generations. I do cloning. About to start 6th generation soon.
I don’t know how long you have been growing, but if you ever need help with your grow feel free to ask.

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Garrigan by cloning it gives you S.O.G. As for harvest right , but do cloning makes it more potent being its from a mother that’s matured , or potentcy is from nutrients in flower the same as growing from seed ?

No cloning is quite different m, yes you take a mother in flower, but that doesn’t make your clones potent. I sure it’s in the way you raise your plants and feepd without messing up.
Keeping soil in check the PH. A perfect environment or
As close
As possible is the only way to have good potent pot.


So the answer is no , clones just flower faster , which saves time from seed but potentcy is still a determining factor on the grower environment and set up far as nutrients , lights , ph , ppm , co2 etc . Okay , my question was , did cloning make more potent and it don’t . Cloning just helps save time from vegging each plant from seed . Thank you brother .

when going crop to crop seeds are the same as clones in the means of planning ahead with a starter room so they are as big as you need or want at the harvest time of the previous crop this saves the same amount of time .using clones just gives consistancy as they are from the same stock plant .

Right Timmy I understand the reason why , I only have one small tent right now , but I was not sure if a matured mother kept in veg would make a difference in THC or potentcy . This is my 6 grow like Garrigan , but each time I growed from seed , and he grows from clone . Out of me and Will 10 seeds we ordered , I have 4 left and still have 9 because he clones from his first plant from seed .

Ya that’s pretty much it. The clone will be as potent as it’s mother maybe better it’s all up in the air brother.


no potency is genetic and having health ,i do both depending on what i have ,i have a gutted fridge with a 100watt CFL and fan to start mine i keep mothers in there to and clone 4 to 6 weeks of them to get them big and strong so i harvest and replant same day ,some of the mothers i have are 2 years old i just keep them pruned after that i replace the mum with a new clone because the roots get bound up .

Okay , I was curious , but I just have my one lil tent as of now . I might build a set-up just big enough for one mother and see if my badlacks would let me find a spot without moving anything of her decor around or furniture . Space is not to my advantage , I had to negotiate for the 2x2x5 and as long as I can keep it scrubbed , she don’t mine , but if smell becomes an issue , out it goes .

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run rooms with fan sucking air out and use carbon filters and no problem with smell

Right Timmy , I don’t have space for mother as of now , but considering on building a box , or purchase a Northern Box the Room-mate I think it’s called . But I have not grown hydro yet either , that’s my next grow in about 3 weeks or so after the 2 I have finish . I have a general hydroponic water farm drip 5 gallon that I’m about to start with advance nutrient line . I’ll be using Connisuer grow A & B - Over-drive - B-52 - Voodoo juice - Big Bud - sensizym - Bud Factor X - Bud Candy - and Sensi Bloom A & B for flower .

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Dark Angel coming up :smile:

starter room fridge i know some look a bit ragged but they are mums 2 years old and i just hack them back :).

new mum

sounds great hydro is the way to go so much faster

I don’t clone from a mother my clones all or most came from different. Mothers 5 generations ago and yes potenty is genetic therefore not being any more potent than it’s mother. Now with all the new nutrients that they have for finish this also could determine the final outcome of its potency.
This way is a’ll 've room not have several mothers taking up space for clones and seedlings

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the way i understand it is cloning from the previous plant every time allows adaptation to the enviroment and cloning from the same mum it will be the same each time .seed will be a little different each time possibly depending on the purity of the strains involved that created them .

this my widow Will , I don’t think it will revive , to long without water , plus it’s root bound . I think I’m gone just call it , harvest what’s there and get ready for the auto while the Kush finish .

it could still recover if you repot to a bigger pot with fresh soil around it ,might be worth a try to get good bud as you know young is crappy taste .