White web on bud overnight?

HELP……what is this? Is my bud ruined? First time grower. Was almost ready and woke up to this today. I’m heartbroken.

Serious spider mite infestation use Captain Jack’s dead bug

You’ve got cobweb mold going on. You can treat it with a spray bottle with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide and water. The bud in the pic is toast.

It could also be spider mites (or both.)

I suggest increasing airflow in the tent and taking some measures to reduce humidity and inspecting for spider mites.

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Ouch, mold and it doesn’t look good. Don’t risk smoking that.

Thanks for all the input and advice. I’m gonna try to save her if for nothing more than hash. My poor husband is so bummed. I haven’t given up hope yet :pleading_face: