White w auto ready or not

Iam I ready to harvest


Honestly no…but a $10 Jeweler loupe takes all guess work away. She does look good at least. She could be close tho. Hard to see. :+1:


Looks like the pistils are still straight mostly, so I would say wait as far as overall appearance. Have you checked Trics?


Yes But.no amber only Cloudy tric


So what type buzz you want will determine when you harvest, a little Amber is good for me,too much and I want to nap! Thats me though.

how do I fatting it up the bud

She will fatten in her own time as long as you keep doing what you are doing. The biggest mistake most make is harvesting too early, she will fatten ,get hard and probably foxtail some before she is ready. If you can, get a jewelers loupe or do as i did and bye a cheap microscope off Amazon!

Just perchass it from amazon it won’t get it till July 15 and iam scared of bud rot just fond a little bud rot and cut of it not that bad just brought it in the house Any Suggestion

Hear her in the house

is this frist sing of bud rot should I cut off

Only right thir is amber

I had to move the plant in so that I don’t get bud rot from thase girls


You need to keep the humidity down to around 40% or less on some real fat dense buds and keep air moving across plant! You must cut out all rot , hope you get this soon!

ThankS bud going to keep fan running and not sur about keeping green house below 40 any Suggestion how to do that with outdoor grow in a greenhouse

I have 2 fan blowing in thier found some little bud rot caught it early remove all the bud rot and spry down with 50/50 HydrogenPeroxide side and H2Owill that be enough all the plant is 69 day from seed

How is the humidity outside? Get more fans, open vents to try and cool it down some!

Feel like 70 but it say 60


Any vents in greenhouse? Can you get a dehumidifier, because that will help just not sure if it would be enough.

I would kill for that cold ass weather. :+1:

Yes I got a screen door will that be enough