White vinegar or battery acid to drop ph level

Just read an article here on using battery acid instead of white vinegar to lower Ph levels. I’m not a scientist and don’t even claim to know more than the article author, but I use vinegar in food and would never consider using battery acid. So to the thought that acid is more stable and better for the plants, please teach me why I should use battery acid. My tap water is ph 7. In 2 qt container I’ve been adding 1/2 tsp of vinegar and it lowers my ph to 6.2. Is vinegar hurting my plants?

I dont see anything other than a pH kit suitsble! But im no expert.

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You should not use battery acid I used to use hydrofluoric acids when I was in business and it’s nothing you want to play with my friend, get yourself some pH up and down for 10 or 15 bucks and you’ll be happy and it will last you forever

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Thanks for the reply. I went to a local garden supply store and found ph down that is used in a pool. Is this what you are talking about? The functioning agent is sodium bisulfate @ 93.2%.

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Yep that will work fine! Happy growing :slight_smile:

Thanks to all. My babies will thank you now and I will be thanking you daily in 2 months. I feel like a kid on December 1st.