White tips are they good or bad?

I am getting white tips some say it’s good some say it’s bad. What is your thoughts on them?

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How close are your lights?
Usually its bleaching from too intense lighting

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It’s a sign you are at the upper limit for fertilizer. Something we all look for as growers. There are better ways to figure out what’s going on. Light bleaching is possibility as well.


The first two are likely. Another possibility is a mutation that eliminates chloroplasts in the flowers, which isn’t detrimental, but can be deleterious if it spreads to the leaves.

BTW…Welcome to ILGM grow forum.
You will enjoy the nice folks here.

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Iights are 12 to 14 inches above the tallest point. I have 300W growmol .

I have been giving a little extra until I got some yellow showing up then backed it down.

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So far it’s just the buds, she’s a Utopia Haze 3 and a half weeks flowering.

Thank you I have got help here just reading past post and Q&A post that’s why I wanted to bring this here.

I’ll get new photos after 6 tonight.

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