White tip buds on GSC

This is the second time I’ve had white tipped buds, last time had two on one Trainwreck. Now I have 7-9 on two different Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. I’ll attach a few pictures, any insight or comments are welcome!


This is either genetics, or light bleaching. Since this has happened to several different strains, same tent, I would lean towards light bleaching. I could be mistaken though.
Pics under normal lighting would be easier to tell what’s going on. @TDK0327
What’s the distance between your flowers and your lighting?


That’s what it is. My last GSC-X was more sensitive to the light than any of the other strains I had in with it. If you have an LED fixture with lenses or “reflectors” it will concentrate photons onto one spot. Moving the plants around helps and raising the lights a few inches should too.


It’s not light bleaching, lights are about 15-18 inches from the tops. Been reading a bit about how led lights are causing it. It makes a big difference in the potency, last white tip bud I had was noticeably stronger, and more flavorful. I’m not sure its a bad thing.

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Just read this, this sounds closer to what I have.


Even the article posted was from light bleaching.

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And they clearly state its not a problem, it’s healthy, and perhaps beneficial.

Some speculate that the buds are being bleached by the intensity of the light source. Many of the buds at Vashon Velvet, however, ended up producing white tips despite not being closest to the LEDs. Furthermore, LED lights are energy-efficient, so they produce next to no heat, which allows the LED fixtures to be raised and lowered without fear of burning the buds.

Great article, I’ve never heard this before and it sounds like it is beneficial. If it turns out as great smoke then all is good!!!

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Fingers crossed PigmanBBQ! I’ll report back in a month and give it a review.


It seems to me you have answered your own question, which is in line with what @Covertgrower and @Myfriendis410 suggested.

If we point to this specific statement, you have to separate the thought between heat damage and light intensity damage. Then it should make more sense.

For what it’s worth, just because a light has leds in it doesn’t necessarily make it more efficient than hid lighting. In fact, there’s third party test reports that contradict a lot of the led panel manufacturer claims that their 200 watt light will perform like a 600 watt hps. Most of it concludes that unless you’re using a light with high end leds, performance is about watt for watt with hps. And less than double ended or cmh fixtures.


Looking at that article, it appears white tips are caused by trichomes building up over each other, which then drown out the green bud, not the bud itself turning white.

Anyone here using LED’s (a LOT of us) have experienced getting too close to one and burned the crap out of themselves. I seem to favor using my head for this activity lol.


This is interesting to me, because one of my Super Skunk plants started producing white buds on top of the established green buds about 4 weeks into flowering(2+ weeks ago). I don’t believe it’s related to light bleaching because:
I have 3 plants growing, they are all the same size, and this has appeared on only one of them.
It has occurred on one cola up high and two down low.

Other items worthy of note:
It has only appeared on 3 out of 6 colas.
I am running an HID lamp system (Below that article people did mention seeing it on non-LED lighting systems)
The only differences between this plant and the two others that I can think of are:
I have not been using bud candy on this plant(testing to see if there is a difference)
This plant did take some damage from low pH during the vegetative state, but came back fully healthy after a flush.

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this is what is called ‘light bleaching’,
it is brought on by a combination of environmental conditions…
high light concentrations, high temperatures, low humidity, low Co2 levels at the plant surface.

the higher potency y’all r experiencing is the lower unaffected bud over producing oils from the stress, if u trim off the white portions and consolidate them into a bowl u will not be pleased.!
this all depends on when in flower the bleaching occurs also.

usually more air circulation and cooler temps remedies this.!!
of course the damage is done this time but u can correct the conditions for the next run.!


Same randomness here. I have GSC-X and two if. Them are producing white tips. And they are not the buds closest to the lights. It’s interesting for sure. Have to let me know how your batch turns out and ill do the same.

I understand everyone jumping to “light bleaching”, but this isn’t light bleaching. Found a lot of articles about it the more I searched. Light bleaching dries and damages the plant every time, these are undeniably healthy and sticky. And much more potent. New technology and more people getting to work with these amazing plants are creating surprising results! I think it’s a good thing, and we can all share our findings in a place like this. It’s an exciting time for marijuana!


scroll thru these pics, there is a bleached bud section,
those buds in the pics do not look dried out,

after they dry and cure, trim off just the white parts to fill a bowl and give us a smoke report.!


I thought it was light bleaching also. not the 1st time this has happened they are popping up all over the plant not just close to the light.

Me too…GSCX