White stuff ? Ideas?

Just checked the girls 30 degrees last night … found this in the leaves and apparently a visitor ??

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I can’t really see the white stuff, but when you touch it does it come off is it like a powder? If it is a white powder you have white powdery mold. There are a number of things you can do to take care of that but you must do it and continue doing it cuz it will come back. I used mouthwash plain old scope… do NOT use the cinnamon just use the regular mouthwash, one part mouthwash three parts water, but like I said there are several other things on here that people will tell you you can use. The reason I use mouthwash… it works immediately. It’s cheap and again it works I’ve been using it for years. Now for your second problem Captain Jack’s deadbug Brew you could order it online… I ordered it on Amazon it came within 48 hours, they are whiteflies, they are very little but they get in the buds, and they lay eggs that hatch into green they look like inchworms they are not, they are caterpillars and everybody knows that caterpillars have a voracious appetite they will eat and eat and eat if you have a lot of damage spray couple times a week everything will die every bug on there good or bad will be done after spraying Captain Jack’s deadbug Brew

I am concerned about your white spots
I expanded the picture as big as I could get and I would start doing something about white powdery mold
usually it covers the whole Leaf not just a spot but you could have been lucky enough to catch it when it’s just starting… but from now on you’ve got to start making sure you take care of it… you can always do a bud wash I’m not real familiar with it, but…there is a video posted on here that will walk you through the whole process of it I prefer taking care of it when it’s still growing

Calcium definition in soil will cause white spots usaly can see through and bone meal and epson salt mit in water feed plant will stop new spots from forming but wont fix leaves allready affected

Thank you so much … I’m using captains now … directions say everyv3 days ???

Thank you so much … using captains now

No p brother

Listerine ok?

You know I’ve never tried anything other than scope or the Costco brand, but I know Listerine is super strong so you might want to delete it a little more

I would do a spray test, spray it on just the leave that’s affected check it tomorrow ASAP if it’s gone spray the plant… if it’s not gone …got to look for something else to solve the problem…

Thanks so much appreciate it … and so do the ladies

@Beardy1 At first glance, I thought powdery mildew. When I saw the leaf damage and egg clusters on the underside near the stomata, I switched gear to whiteflies. I would use Neem Oil if it was vegging, but if you’re not too far along and have some time, try these:

  1. Insecticidal soap (Safer Soap)

  2. Hanging sticky traps

  3. Predatory insects (my favorite). Ladybugs (Convergent ladybugs ONLY), Lacewing larvae, or predatory wasps

Hope this helps you! I found a couple new friends of my own in the yard today:

Three spiders won’t do much, but the two orb weavers made huge webs! I have a video of the black one taking her web down today and putting it back up (fixing it, really). Cool stuff!
Good luck man :pray:t3:

Thanks bro I appreciate that … it’s getting really cold at night I think I need to bring them in too… sweet pics of the spiders … they don’t hurt the plants do they?

Oh no! They eat bad bugs and have zero interest in our plants. Might have to clear a web or two, but they even do that usually. They’re amazing little dudes.

Doesn’t look like mealy bugs, but look them up and compare to what you have just in case.