White stuff coming out of buds

I have 1 bud that has white sap coming out of it in the evening, I’m 26 days into flowering, is this good or bad. The plant is one big bud and it’s Strawberry Kush and it’s a beautiful plant. Thanks

post a pict if you can .It would help …Hammer

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OK Thanks.

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It’s hard to see, but it looks like spit on it.

I’m guessing…


Thanks. The article says they usually wont damage a plant. The white stuff on mine is about the size of a pencil eraser and I wipe it off every day.


Cercopidae spittlebug or froghopper

Ladybugs are goodguys

What’s up?

hi…I dragged you and your picture into a guess fest, and the lady bug idea

The spit looking stuff isn’t ladybugs. I didn’t mean to confuse.

I can’t see anything in the picture above, from the OP.

My camera wont focus real close up. It’s looks like someone has spit on my plant, the plant has been growing outside. I’ve been researching spittlebugs and I’m almost certain that’s the problem. They are saying to spray the plant off with a water hose and it should take care of them. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem and what they did to get rid of them. Thanks.

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Smash what you find inside the spit or just leaveit since its not affecting the plant. I would find it and smash it personally. Good luck

Thanks. I appreciate the info.

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Hi, Nematodes lay there eggs on plants and it looks like spit. See if you can get a close up pic. David.

I’ll try and get one.