White spots on seedling

Hi everyone, does anyone know what could be responsible for these white markings.

Looks like bugs to me. Use a magnifier and look under your leaves down the stem.

Edit = could be mold but I don’t think so, try to wipe it off if you can it’s wpm

Def not mould but could be a bug. I can’t see anything.

Did you possibly squirt some water on them at some time? Could be burn.

If you have some yellow cards I’d put one in with it just to make sure, the little bastards are very hard to see and it really looks like thrips to me

Ok, I recently bought some spray for thrip on my roses. Do you think I could use this on plant?

Nah, I’m very careful with splash on leaves

I can’t say 4sure because I don’t know what you have, but you are not in flower so you don’t have to worry about smoking the stuff. If you use it do it as you turn off the lights for the night. I would probably use a alcohol water mix but I’d Google it first because I’ve never used it on this small of baby

Ok, thanks. I might leave it for now and see what happens to next set of leaves.