White spots on my leaves

Guyss i am in a serious problem i have got these white spots on my leaves what is it and how to resolve this issue i have one female plant grown next to this affected plant please help

Mildew! If guess, take closer pics of the spots and about 5 so it’s easier to make an accurate diagnosis please. Sulfur burner totally kills it. You can also get sprays with part stinging nettle extract ect which I’ve got… not working amazingly well. If advise not worrying much as it hasn’t effected mine very much JUST BUY A SULFUR BURNER BEFORE FLOWERING, as bud rot will F you. Hope this helps dude

Looks like spidermites to me. A lot of tiny white spots, u need to start counter measures right away.

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Spider mites for sure

What is the cure please help any home remedies would be great