White spots on leaves

I noticed for a couple of days now these white spots all over several of my girls.
Any input would be helpful.

I know it’s blury i’ll get better pic’s Monday morning

Thanks…dirt…ph is 7 or better so ive changed there ph water to 5.5
mixed them some mag and blood meal for sulfur and cal

I sorry about being in the outdoor. my mistake. If you want to move it to the indoor grow problems that would be fine. I don’t know how or I would have.



Yeah, can’t really tell what it is just by those pics.

Better pics and we’ll be better able to guess if it looks more a pH or “other nutrient” related thing, or if it is a disease or critter.

Latewood is good at identifying the bugs and critters if you get him a good enough/clear enough picture.

I always think everything is pH because I’ve been lucky enough to never have had any bugs worse than fungus/soil gnats, lol.

I’ll get you the pic. We are going out for dinner.
But I was doing more research and I think I mite be SPIDER MITES

If so I got big problem I hope these are better pic’s


It could very well be, it does have that look to it, from what I’ve seen in some pictures…

A product called tangle foot(I’ve recently been told Vaseline works also, but I’d still prefer tanglefoot) applied to the stem just above the soil, diatomaceous earth sprinkled on the surface of the soil, and keeping air temperatures below 78*F are all supposed to help with eliminating or preventing spider mites without putting anything on your plant that you might not want to smoke. Apparently they have a hard time reproducing and keeping metabolic functions going if the temps are cooler, and apparently they have to go to the soil to lay their eggs, so the diatomaceous earth will help kill them at any life stage there. Also food grade diatomaceous earth can be dusted on the plant itself and can be gently rinsed off after the spider mites are gone, if it has become too out of hand and more than the above steps need to be taken.

I will google this tangle foot and diatomaceous earth and find out where I can get it.
Thank you very much Stoner.
But until I get this stuff I’ll s
pray them with soap and water. Dish soap works to kill them off
the girls are in there 2nd week off flower.
I will lower the temp as well. its around 82 right now so stating tonight the temp go’s down to 78 76
I will keep you up to date on this problem


Well I just got this Diatomaceous and dusted every plant and soil…it’s everywhere…lol
But that’s ok I can live with that…not the Spider Mites


OK! Good luck and good job. You’ll want to rinse that stuff off very well before harvesting your plants. It is totally non-toxic, but it still won’t taste good if it is on the bud when smoked.