White spots on leaves (I don't think its mildew)

Hello, Im a new grower my plants are 12 weeks old. They are being grown outdoors in Chicago and have faced quite a bit of rain and humid conditions recently. About a month and a half ago I made my own pesticide with essential oils and I only used it that one time. I use fox farm nutes and im growing in organic soil. Around the same time that I used my homemade pesticide these white marks started appearing on the leaves (photo below) New leaves sometimes have these white spots as well. I was trying to tell if it was mildew but I think it isn’t since it has not gotten any worse since I first noticed it months ago. please let me know if anyone knows what it could be thanks! (PS Also there’s some bumpy spots on the larger parts of the stem)(I also included pictures of the parts of the plant which are healthy)

I’m outside at the moment so I have a glare that makes the pics hard to see, but it looks like it could be mite damage. Check the undersides of the leaves for bugs and little webs.

None that I can see which is strange.

Okay, I’m inside now and can see better. Possibly leafhopper damage…?

@Covertgrower @Cannabian any thoughts on this leaf damage?

What was the pesticide made from?

Check for thrips too. The grasshoppers are easier to find. Being outside just be extra cautious in general.

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If you are finding minimal damage on your outdoor plants, and they are happy. Dont sweat the odd leaf hopper hole. Thrips can be a real problem if they are bad, but generally a larger plant outdoors xan handle the odd attack here and there. Look around your yard, trees and shrubs have leaf damage, tomatoes and other garden plants get slug damage and still manage. Its only whrn the plant cant keep up with the threat it becomes serious.
My plants have some minor thrip damage, they seem to have moved on.


I’m dealing with the little pita’s now on a young plant trying to get the growth so it doesn’t matter. I sprayed capt jacks again. What you’re going through is normal for a bigger plant. It’s the babies… wishing I had that growth to not sweat the damage. Now when I see damage I really start to freak. I want them dead and I want them dead now! Yesterday while drinking a beer on the porch I saw a praying mantis. I should of recruited him.

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