White spots on leaves - doesn't seem like spider mites

I would really appreciate any opinions on these white spots. Under a loupe it looks like leaf damage to me because some of the spots run into the leaf veins which look the same color as the spots. The undersides of the leaves look clean as a whistle. It’s the only plant like this and I have another of the same strain right next to it and it seems fine. It’s been ridiculously hot here in SoCal lately. TIA to anyone kind enough to offer an opinion.

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do you not see webbing on the plant? looks like it in photo.

Thanks for responding. Can spider mites create webs that span from one leaf to another? I thought those were regular spider webs.

you should be able to see them with loupe and without it. the big ones and no i haven’t had them on cannabis and hope never do. but see webbing and those spots look like little bites. just going by what i see. and they are part of spider family and know they make webs.

I would check that plant real good with a magnifier if it was mine . Spider mites are real small and hard to see . I don’t have mites yet but I just bought a small bottle of mite killer called Green Cleaner to keep in my arsenal . Mix with water and spray leaves . I hope I never have to use it .


Definitely spider mites!

You’re starting to convince me :slight_smile: The Hydro Store guy said Azamax and Neem Oil. Does that sound reasonable. I’ve never used either.

Your in flowering so no neem or anything like that. It will stay in your buds. Wash off with water and a few drops of soap added. Spray tops and bottoms of all leaves really good. Top dress with DE, Diatomaceous earth food grade, to kill them and their eggs. Repeat after 3 days.

Thanks Budbrother. What’s your opinion on Azamax?

Never used it before. Heard good things about Captain Jack’s. The last time I had them, it was in my tent. I bought ladybugs and let them clean them up. The DE will shred them and their eggs when they hatch in 3 days.

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So the Mites are actually in the soil and the DE will kill them there? So I’m assuming the water and soap wash is to kill the ones on the plant?

Nope they are all under the leaves. Sucking out the plant juices. All them lil white holes. It rinses them off an makes them have to crawl back up. While down there the DE shreds their exoskeleton so they dry and die.

Got it. Have you ever heard of putting DE in a sprayer and spraying the plants?

That’s why it comes with a duster

Thanks to everyone that replied. After a lot of research (Azamax and Pyrethrin are a lot scarier than I used to think) I’ve decided to go with a wash of homemade insecticidal soap made with Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap and diatomaceous earth. Which first Wash or DE?

I guess I should have added the DE will be a separate step as a top dressing as Budbrother advised.

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