White spots on leaves. Any thoughts?

Looks like mechanical damage to me. Is there a fan hitting directly in the area where the damage is?

Nothing mechanical near them. They go outside during the day and back in the house at night. Amnesia Haze autos in Miracle Griw soil…

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By mechanical I mean that it’s from the leaves being rubbed together by wind a fan or even from moving the pots anything that would cause the leaves to come into contact with each other repeatedly.

See how the damage lines up with the serrated tips from the adjacent leaves? That’s what makes me think it’s just mechanical damage

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Gotcha. It has been windy outside the last few days. Hopefully that’s it. Thanks


I had a leaf just like yours
It was over spill that hit my leafs when I was watering.when you spill some water on your leafs the light tends to burn through like a magnifying glass.
But honestly we will see what the pros say.
Happy growing

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