White spots and half leaves

I have white spots and half leaves what could cause this?and a pic of the girls just for fun.


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Do you have mites on the underside of the leaves?
Looks a lot like mite damage.
Hopefully not…do you have a mist humidifier running maybe spraying the leaves?

EDIT Hopefully not on the mites - hopefully yes to the humidifier. LOL

No mites no humidifier. Keep my house at 78 degrees. 2 fans and 1 6inch fan and 1 exhaust fan. Had white mildew and a new person’s clones. When moved previous plants with mildew after I cleaned them to flower tent. Bleached the veg tent. And started a new batch.

Maybe look through the troubleshooting section of the guides. It covers about everything you can think of with tons of pictures.

Where’s that at?

Top right corner of page is the link, right next to the “Buy Seeds” link.


Towards the bottom of the guides you’ll see the troubleshooting section.

Are you sure there are no mites? You would need a very strong scope to see them

Pretty sure, I have a jewelers loop. Never had them before. Has spots on my last plants too. But not half leaf.

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Def looks like some bug damage…hopefully not. If it is and your flowering, capt jacks dead bug be only thing id put on there followed by a bud wash when you harvest. Hopefully im wrong. Good luck