White spot on the serrated leaf

My thoughts exactly! I was thinking the same. I was going to reply. Then seen @Holmes pretty much beat me to the punch. @YoungPadawan I see you come for guidance…one of our accomplished Jedi’s (@Holmes) has taken you under his wing. Listen to him…take seriously his advice you must


Sorry…that was my best yoda impersonation lol


@NugFlush lol, I stay in south east Asia, the weather is always summer, controlling temperatures has been a challenge for me, I do not want to switch on the ac 24/7 as I’m staying with my parent(please don’t judge me) I really dont wanna get questioned by my mother about the electricity bill by the end of the month…so I’m doing what ever I can anything that’s within my control to make it until harvest…

Nobody judges here…just a bunch of good ol people here helping each other out and sharing a passion for growing. Welcome and pull up a chair…it’s a great place. :raising_hand_man:t2:


Damn…Southeast Asia.what time is there.? 1130pm Wednesday night here in central USA

@NugFlush close. It’s 1.3pm Thursday here in my country

I wouldn’t worry about the white spot too much for now. Did you spray the leaves? Could be residue. Try and wipe it off. If you just got done giving them water…often they will look droopy for a bit. But should perk right back up. Just don’t water too much of the soil right now. When they are young, just water a ring around the base. You said you planted direct to bigger pot from seed? If so…don’t water the whole pot when they are young. They have no roots and can’t suck up all the water from the pot. Bad things can happen from that point.

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@NugFlush thanks for the advice.

These photos were taken this morning.

I don’t think they look healthy…:cold_sweat:

You’re alright bro…or sis. Lol. They’ll be fine. I’d let them dry out for few days. Looks like the whole pot is saturated. Just remember…it’s soooo much better to underwater than overwater. If you underwater them…you give them some water and bam…12 hours later they are good. If you overwater, it could take you 12 days to recover, if at all. Over watering doesn’t occur from too much water at once, it’s watering too often. Let the pot dry out before watering again. Sometimes I don’t water until I start to see a slight sign of underwater. But I live alone and check my plants often. I wouldn’t recommend that for someone who doesn’t visit their plants a few times a day. Don’t beat yourself up…plants look fine. Let them dry and breath for few days. Gotta get to bed… I’ll touch base tomr.:raising_hand_man:t2:

@NugFlush What?!overwatered takes 12 days to recover!? Damn… thanks man it’s good to know this

That’s not a definite statement. Was trying to make a point in saying underwater and you can recover in 12 hours, but may take 12”days” to recover from overwater. Every situation different. Just trying to make a point and don’t overwater. But hey…I did on my first grow. They say it’s the number one most mistake made by first time growers. Then luckily from this site…some people gave me good advice. The same advice I’m passing to you. It was actually in here where a grower said he didn’t water until his his plants told him they were thirsty (slight signs of underwater). My buddy just went to California and had his uncle come by for a week and water his plants. He told him many times…don’t overwater. His uncle didn’t. He did the extreme opposite. Severely underwater for 8 days. My buddy gets home and is freaking. Ask me to come out and help. They looked horrible. Wilted, leaves all droopy. They looked sick. We babied them for 4 days. Gave them some good waterings and calmag. Now a week later you can’t tell they ever went underwatered for 8 days. His uncle kept them alive(his only job) lol. But barely. Point of my rambling story is if you check your plants regularly, it’s really hard to underwater your plants as you will notice right away when they are thirsty. I grow grass for a living. No, like real grass. Irrigation for Residential lawns and golf courses. And in my Industry, a little underwaterinf is good for the plant. It makes the roots dive deep to try and look for water. If you constantly water your front yard over and over and keep it wet on the top 4” of soil, then the roots won’t have to dive for water cuz all the water is at the top of the ground. In my industry you hear the term “you almost want to starve the grass just a little bit”. Makes the grass blades stronger. Now I’m not a botanist…but I’d assume the same would some what apply for cannabis as well. I know for sure, in the turf industry, standing water and consistently wet conditions are not good at all.!!! Fungus (several kinds) and root rot . And I know for sure those occur in cannabis. Many bad things can happen wen you overwater. Error in the side of caution. Trust me from experience. Lol.

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@NugFlush I see, I appreciate all the advise and help I can get here, thank you very much. I think I gained some insight and knowledge. Maybe I really overwatered her, perhaps the symptoms revealed pretty late, although I was just spraying mist water around the root area. I might have sprayed too much water without knowing it’s too much…to me it may seem just a little water, but to the plants it was too much…


Hello guys, I’m back with some progress. It’s day 44 since germination, I’m wondering why it hasn’t begin flowering, but I also don’t see any sign of stress, I admit I’ve been heavily lst her and defoliation. Btw I know it’s not a very good looking LST. Forgive me as I’m a first time grower

Strain Alaskan purple auto fem from seedsman

Hours of light, 15/9
Pot size 5 us gallon
Marshydro ts 600
Regular fertigation
Inflow ec 1250
Inflow ph 5.9/6.1

Run off ec 1350(sometimes 1450)
Run off ph 6.5/ 6.23

Fertigation 3L each day
General hydroponics micro, gro, bloom

Are these autos? Looking at your first picture, I believe I see some white pistils… :thinking:?

Sorry for the unsteady hands on the marks! Lifetime coffee drinker! :yum:

Is this one plant? Autos will flower on their own time. It is possible that with stress a delay may occur.

Be patient and keep up the good work!

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@PP3121 yes, it’s just one plant and it’s auto…thanks guess I just have to be patience

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Hello, @NugFlush I want to continue LST, but it appears that I have no more space to do so if I don’t remove the leaves, I suspect this plant is probably at first week of flowering? would pruning stress the plant at this point?

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If ya think it’s flowering, I’d let her do her stretch, then maybe a little haircut around week 3 of flowering. Just my opinion tho. :+1:

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