White Spiderwebs in between Flower

Found white webs in between flower need help
Plant is white Widow growing in greenhouse weather is rainy windy sunny off and on Hawaii
Weather how and whan to apply Mold protect her from our LGM or any advice can help


When you say spider web I immediately think: spider? Is that possible? Mold looks a lot different but before looking I would have suggested spider mites which produce fine webs.

What’s your ambient humidity in the greenhouse? Temp?


not Sure it is out door

See if you can get some better shots of the problem. We can put our peepers on it and see what’s up?

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It’s on the top crown is it mold or bud rot or Spider mites , and what can I do to stop it from comeing back

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It’s bud rot. Possibly got a caterpillar in there, open it up.

Thank u

How can I care this and Prevent it from happening again any help is much appreciated.