White round ball's on my strawberry kush

Anyone know what these are?


And my main cola snapped in a rain storm so I taped it, will it make it?

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I don’t know what the white stuff is. But i’m pretty sure I see bud rot in the 2nd picture.


I think your main cola will be fine, just give it support and try to stress it out too much. Cannabis is surprisingly resilient.

As for the little white balls, can I get some clearer pictures of them? Do they fall off when the plant is shaken, or are they almost stuck to it? What’s their consistency like?

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They stick to the plant, I’m in a rain storm right know so I cant get any more pics but I did pick off some catapillers, small green ones.

Rain is slowing down here’s some more pics.

It could be some type of oddball caterpillar/pest egg, but judging by how they’re dispersed and the size inconsistency (at least from what I can tell by the pictures) it doesn’t appear to be eggs.

However, I did notice, as @GFDuke pointed out, those buds that appear to be turning brown in the second picture, if you were pulling off caterpillars it could be a type of cabbage worm or other infesting caterpillar.

“Cabbage Worms and other caterpillars also infest buds. A bud that turns brown and wilts ‘for no reason’ may house a cabbage worm consuming it from in.”

Some prevention methods for these pests:

Use “bug Zappers” with blue of UV light at night to kill nocturnal moths that may want to feed on your wonderful girl there.

Using garlic repels egg-laying moths

Some Control Methods:

BT, Bacillus Thuringiensis, is a living bacterium that the caterpillars ingest. It sickens the caterpillars so they stop eating and die in a short time. When they die, they release more of the bacteria that in turn gets rid of more caterpillars. This is harmless to humans and animals. (This should be used at the first sign of caterpillars)

A Cinnamon brew tea: Make a cinnamon tea using an ounce of cinnamon to a gallong of very hot water. After it’s brewed let it cool and spray the plant. Hitting the caterpillars directly is best. Neem oil can work on it, and since it’s in this stage, diluted neem oil will work as well, but it may leave an odd taste on your bud.

Pyrethrum is another pesticide you can use that is harmless to humans and other warm-blooded animals.

That’s what I have for that and all this information was taken from the Pests and Control section from Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuanna Handbook.

Watch the balls closely, if they start to produce webbing it could either be mold (which on a leaf I believe is uncommon) or it could be caterpillars trying to spin webs or make cocoons.

Edit: Just saw the new pictures btw; just keep an eye on them, if you can pick them off even better. Also Tricogramma is a tiny stingless wasp that will attack and destroy caterpillar eggs if you can find somewhere around you that has them.


I have been picking them off with a long toothpick, thanks for the info I appreciated it. I’ll keep a close eye on her. 2 more weeks and I’ll start my flush anyway.

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No problem! I hope she turns out nice! Everyone here is always happy to do their best and help!

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Sorry to interupt but i was wondering if by saying that ^^ would this bulb be ok to leave on @lights outs for said pests??


I would only use them at night outside on the side away from your garden/plant to lure the pest away and zap’em, it shouldn’t have any more effect on it if it’s far away. As for using it inside in a grow room, I wouldn’t because of the way plants “see” light.

If you’re having issues with flying pests inside, I would get the sticky fly tape and hang that up to catch’em


Thats what i was pondering! Indoors i am and also have stickys up and around the tent but caught nada!! I know somethings there as have little bite marks, nothing major but they are there and im not sure whats muching in the night :confused:
Thanks for your reply and sorry to the original poster for the interuption

Hm, check your leaves over slowly, and look for bugs/pests. If you’d like, open up a new topic and post some pictures if you have them and I’m sure there will be quite a few experts around who can give you a hand!

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No worries, all friends here.


Yep, just picked the rot out, it’s been way to humid over here I blame that on the rot.

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Same here. Humidity has been ridiculous. I have been taking tops off of one plant for a week now because of rot. Last night I just cut the whole plant. It’s a little ear;y but it’s better than losing the whole plant. Funny thing only one plant had a bud rot problem and of course it was the one with the biggest buds.

That sucks. Rot is a big problem here in Massachusetts it’s been so damn humid, I feel your pain.

H!! I’m from Mass. also!

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Many many many growers on this forum and from New England (myself included) who have lost entire crops this year to mold. It will and can spread quickly (overnight) so you may want to read up on preventive and deterrent sprays you could use such as Zero Tol or hydrogen peroxide sprays. Not ideal as who wants to be spraying buds but rot will eat your plant.