White powdery mold

Cut down my plants on Saturday they’re hung to dry and today I noticed some white powdery mold. I’ve read here I can mix water with peroxide but I don’t know the ratio. Does anyone knows the mixture?

I’ve been using 1 cup in 5 gallons. Just saw a recommendation of 2.5 cups in 5 gallons.

Hydrogen Peroxide, the 3% stuff you buy at the grocery store.

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Can I spray it or do I have to merge it in the solution? Thx for your help

3 days post harvest, you’ve started to dry so you’re kind of going backwards re-wetting them. I’m not really sure if you should do either except that the mildew will probably spread and you’ll lose everything.

Let me tag a couple of smarter than me people and see if you can get more opinions. I’d think soaking them would be better than spraying, but like I say, you’re kind of in un-charted territory for me.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Myfriendis410 - Could you guys read the situation here and offer some help to this grower? Seems like he’s in a little trouble with WPM after his harvest. Thanks!


Maybe spray down a sample and see what happens? I don’t know.

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Thx for the responses. So yesterday I was doing something research here and came across this

I sprayed the whole plant down last night.checked it this morning seems like the mold is gone . the problem is my humidity is too high it’s at 70%.may have to get a small dehumidifier

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Defiantly get a dehumidifier 70 is only asking for issues

Nice. I hosed my outdoor standing plants down today. I’m harvesting as I have time and I’m hoping to keep the mold in check. Hasn’t been too bad this year but had a small amount. I used a half cup in a gallon of water.