White powder on some soil bits

just a little bit here and there.

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Looks to me like salt build up from feeding. Have you used any nutes yet?

i havent . just the ffhf. I gave them a good watering 2 days ago. wondering if its salt or just the nutes from the soil. My new 30x/60x jewelers loupe just came like 10 minutes ago. im seeing more crystal structure now in the powder.

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Yea it could also be the perlite dust cuz when I add the extra large course perlite to my pots I crumble it a little bit and it looks just like that so my guess would be that or salt build up in the bag?

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not sure. I’m going to stop stressing it for now. If i see more or it spreads then I’ll ut-oh. Or I get advised to do something. If it is bad I have neem or and a ton of 3% peroxide. I use peroxide for cleaning around and in the grow area a few times a week and moping the rubber mat outside the tent entry as it is less volatile than bleach. This is my first grow so i’m stressing everything. My wife used air freshener in the next room and I had melt over that even though the air going in the tent is being scrubbed by a giant filter. :crazy_face:Thanks for the input.

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Could be mycorrhizae.

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I was thinking that also. or salts or nutes in the soil or the perlite dust. It’s gotta be something besides mold or mildew! :rofl:

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That’s funny lol

Why? FFHF has Myco. Myco colonizes soil. Not sure why you think this is bad. Stop looking for trouble. It’s probably just Myco. How much are you feeding w/o doing scheduled flushes that you think it’s salts?

i don’t think the myco is bad. I have a big bag of it right here and yes that is a baby bottle and I use it for watering my babies. :crazy_face:

My plants are young. They’ve only been watered twice and not feed nutes at all yet. journal>> Golgi apparatus
I was thinking just from the soil it’s self getting watered has caused those crystals to form.

Got hard water, could just be mineral deposits from water. Trust me I’m a worried parent too. You got no worries.:love_you_gesture::+1::grin:

waters not so bad after going through this

Have you added extra nutes to the HF to get salt build-up after only 2 waterings?

My seedlings’ medium gets covered in myco after only a week, so yes, it could be a carpet of myco. I stand by that observation.

I have given my plants and soil nothing but 6.5ph filtered water. I put some perlite in the HF prior to potting.

Yep. So, probably just myco.

HF isn’t full of salts. If your water is so hard as to leave deposits after only 2 waterings, then you’re going to need to use different water.

I keep trying to get you to come to that conclusion yourself, but you’re stuck on salt build-up.

I’m not stuck on anything and I don’t know where you’re getting that. I am open to all suggestions. That’s why asked for opinions. I said salts one time along with several other things I thought it might be. I never once came to any conclusion aside from I don’t think it is mold or mildew. Thanks for you input and good day.

Thanks everyone for your input today. @blackthumbbetty I apologize if I seemed unappreciative. Today was a stressful in our home aside from our plants and I certainly appreciate you lending a helping hand. I apologize for any miscommunication Thank you