White powder mold control and treatment

Ok Randy, going to give it a try, fingers crossed, tried just about everything else, thanks.

My girl is dealing with gnats and I was dealing with spider mites, let me know how it goes with the mildew

Will do, it’s ordered.

The stuff smell pretty good for some reason

Yes I do believe that UV light can help fight off fungal infections including WPM. It’s why I use UVA in veg as well as flowering, many benefits.

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Agree with you , stare too long at them plants they do look healthier since they whent under the UV a sense of sterile clean environment

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I had fungus gnats and spider mites last grow also! Mosiquito bits and sticky traps for gnats and rubbing alcohol for mites. Hope I don’t get WPM!

Week 4 of bloom


I cannot overstate the importance of prevention through environmental conditions, but also pruning and training, when you’re trying to deal with fungus.

The top picture was grown for a contest. I knew it would be a problem, and fully expected to find a rotten core. There were multiple fungal colonies inside. Perhaps keeping the environment at 20%rh/82f would have helped, but I’m not sure my other plants would have been happy.

My point is that multiple small colas is, IMHO, preferable to a single large one.

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