White Powder Mildew on leaves?

About 3 weeks till harvest and leaves are starting to get the WPM. Trying to figure out the best action to remedy this and save my buds. I’ve read about the peroxide/water method and that’s what I think I’m planning on trying. My question is it ok to do some defoilating before (which is much needed) or spray and wait till after and check then defoilate. Or if any of you have any other ideas you could throw at me that would be awesome too!! Pic of just a few


Defol any leaves that sit on top of each other. Get good air flow going in the area of the grow fans exhaust and intake whatever it takes lol. Get a nice breeze by the plants not a steady wind on rotate works good. But at loghts out a good mix of half cup to a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a gallon of distilled or ro water mixed and spray the whole plant top bottom stalks if u can use a kids paintbrush and lightly brush the stalks then give a slight rinse again i try and lightly wipe the leaves where the wpm is after sprayed. Gonna wanna do a thorough clean after harvest and a bud wash wold be highly recommended at harvest time yo get anything that hangs aroind thru the gro. Might have to spray once a week til harvest if u dont get temp and or rh in check.


It really sux to get cuz usually sticks around til the end. Lol. Its a job to keep the plants going the whole time but im dedicated to this stuff i love it


Just make sure you wash the buds after harvest:

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That kinda looks like pollen to me. I’d look around directly under the buds and see if you see an open pollen sac.