White pistols? some help

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey I have a question after you see the white pistols on your plant how far into flowering would you say your plant is?because I have a plant that has the white pistols they are about a quarter inch long and there are quit a few of them.The reason I’m asking is I did not note the first time I seen them and do not know how far into flowering I am.

Post a pic if u can that would help a lot

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What date did you induce flowering?

Are these plants regular, feminized, or, auto-flower?

update that plant is doing good.
I do not know the strain the seeds were gave to me I also do not know when I started the flowering stage I do know its at least 3 weeks into flower this is a gues though I can tell you its got buds on it.
happy growing.


here is a pic of that plant how far into flowering would you say it is?

How did she turn out?

You will have white pistols the whole bloom after the first 2 wks. Wait until the plant starts too decrease in New pistols and about half of them are shrinking back into the buds and half the pistols have changed color.