White pistils, need some help

Question from a fellow grower:

for the strawberry kush seeds i planted two and boy they are doing good …but i have a question …i planted the seeds oct.17th it is now jan 4th and they are still kicking out white pistals .they grown indoors controled climate being feed the aporopeate ppm of chemicals per a schedule …via foxfarm i know you said 83 days my medium is um well i just walk to my barn stall for the horses an scoop up what ever saw dust poop straw kinda made my own soil got it ph settled an went to town so do i harvest or wait for it to change colors…
thanks for any advice attached is the plants in question i over down one with fertilizer but saved it to that …


I personally harvest when tricombes are 60% amber and 40% milky
Best seen under a jewelers loop of at least 20x magnification or better they sell them on Amazon for under 10$
I don’t worry about pistal color myself
Hope this helps
Your picture is blurred so viewing plant :seedling: is not really possible


That 80 days would be with the best gear so id say you should wait it out and youll be very happy


You didn’t state how long they have been under 12/12 lighting. Flowering time calculations usually start 2 weeks after that point, if I’ve understood that correctly.

I agree about the quality of the picture (I know how hard it can be to get a good one :wink:), but it appears your pistles are still pretty long, which shows immaturity.

Both previous responses were good advice. We’re all here to learn what we can and then help others in return.

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You should not use new un-composted poop straw. Poop has to be composted for a year to work safely and effectively.

As far as White pistils. These pistils will continue to be white until the plant totally matures. Sign of no more pistils shows plant nearing finish.

Always harvest by the % of trichomes that are amber. Growers like anywhere from 25%-75% amber trichomes, and in general; Finishing time always takes longer. You cannot harvest by counting days.

Someone mentioned gear having an affect on harvest time and this is not true. A plant finishes when it is genetically disposed to. Period. Every plant is a little different from the last one.

Happy growing! :slight_smile: lw


I think either @garrigan62 OR @Majiktoker have mentioned in the past a method of harvesting based on pistils…granted it is not as accurate as harvesting based on trichomes… but if one of those two mentioned it, I’m sure it will work!

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Watch your Trichomes

For the marijuana scientist, watching the trichomes gives you a bit more insight into what’s going on with your plant’s cannabinoinds.

Plus it’s really fun to look at trichomes through a jeweler’s loupe or microscope.

Early on, when there are still many clear trichomes, buds tends to produce a heady, wired kind of high. THC levels are lower at this point, though they’re ramping up each day.

For highest THC levels, harvest when nearly all the clear trichomes have turned milky white. This will produce buds with the most mind-altering effects.

For a more relaxing effect, wait to harvest until many of the milky white trichomes have darkened to amber/gold. These amber trichomes have a bit less THC, but more CBN. The presence of CBN often reduces the anxiety some people feel from high THC levels.

Click for “When to harvest marijuana by looking at trichomes” infographic
When to Harvest Marijuana By Looking at Trichomes

There is a lot of variation between strains and people’s preferences, so it is highly recommended you experiment with your plants to see what works best for you.

Important Tip: Exact harvest time isn’t as critical as we once thought.

Don’t stress too much, often buds have similar levels of cannabinoids even when harvested weeks apart.

How do I experiment with harvest time if I only grow 1 or 2 plants?

It is totally okay to harvest different parts of your plants at different times.

Just make sure there is enough green foliage left to support the plant.

Some growers say that harvesting different parts of the plant at different times is stressful for the plant, and that is true.

It’s also been shown that stress near harvest time actually causes an increase in resin/cannabinoid production, which most growers find beneficial.l
While you’re in the harvest window, your plant puts all her effort into making the most awesome buds possible.
As long as you have a healthy plant, I highly recommend harvesting different parts of the plant at different times to (labeling them so you remember which one you harvested when!) and find out what works best for you.

I have more info if you need it. Hope this helps


P.S Here is a pic of the trichomes


What a great info @garrigan62 :heart_eyes::wink::innocent:

thank you very m uch for the info guys it helps alot it has been difficult for me to be patient…lol but i can go bor i been all ove the plants total number of brown hairs is maybe five…so im gona wait some more keep watching them thanks again this has helped me alot…i love growing marijuana for sure…


If you harvest by the pistil’s, your plant will not be completely finished. If you were to use this antiquated “wife’s tale” of a harvest method, then you need all the pistils to be dark. NO white pistils at all and not for a while back…

Happy growing



I do watch trichomes

I mentioned u and majik because I know I read one of u say that u could harvest based on pistils if u didn’t have a loupe…this was last year some time when I wasn’t a member that I read this (and I’m 99% sure it was u will)…

But thanks anyways…

Cheers :beers:

Yes It was @Iloveindica

I take it that you can’t get a loupe correct ?
And this is the only way for you to figure out when to harvest ?


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It is not about what has been posted; It is about proper methods. You can do whatever you want. If you want to harvest by the pistil’s you will have to wait 2-3 weeks minimum until plant would actually be finished because…Once again…the trichomes will not be ready when the pistils die off.

I question why you do not spend 10 bucks for a 60-100 magnifier? I have bought loupes off ebay for 3-4 bucks. I have 4-5 different models What is the issue with buying this implement? Please tell me :slight_smile:


It’s funny that u say it’s not about what’s been posted @latewood because I’ve seen u and the other mentors tell members to search the site for info…and if one of the mentors posted that u can watch pistils to harvest, I would assume that it IS a proper method.

With that being said, I did mention above that I do watch trichomes…and I myself have three different loupes to use. As u said @Latewood they are SUPER inexpensive! The best one I have I actually bought for 2usd LOL.

Really I juse wanted to reiterate that it is possible to harvest by pistils, BUT obviously the best way is to watch your trichomes!

Cheers :beers:

That is OK. I am teaching a “This is how all the most recognized medical marijuana laboratories and expert growers do it,” Method for MMJ patients.

I have mentored for 12 years. I am not teaching the " this is an OK way to do it and you will have good smoke"; Method.

It is a matter of choice. Do it this way; Do it that way; Or, do it right


That’s funny, so your way is the only right way?
Please come on dude…there’s more than one ‘right way’ to do everything!

NO. IN this case. As to how to judge when harvest; There is only one right way. Not my way; The right way. Anything else is amateur growing methodology. Sorry, nut true.

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I have a question for you.i have 2 ladies that are roughly 40-43 days old and have begun to show white pistils, should I start flowering or wait 3more weeks which would put them around 60days old?


Are they Auto - Flowering plants. It sounds like they are to me.
If they are … ya go ahead and switch to 12/12

@garrigan62 No they’re not autos they’re northern lights Feminized from ILGM. I started them April 16th, I was going to wait until mid June to start flowering but if they’re ready to then I’m ok with that too😁