White pistils just turned color? What's my predicted harvest time?

So there are 4 Strawberry Cough Sativas, 2 autoflowers and 2 feminized photoperiods. Started at the same time, I changed the light cycle about 7 days after I saw the autoflowers showing pistils on top of the plants - it still took another 7 days for the photos to show their sex.

The autoflowers just showed their first sign of a few amber/brownish color change, for whatever reason the photoperiods did the same only 2 days later.

The color change is probably less than 10% on each flower and many have 0%.

My prediction was that the autoflowers would be done 60 days after noticeable white pistils occured at the bud sites, and that the photos would be done March 15th, due their alleged 9 week flowering stage (which I was counting from noticeable white pistils on the bud sites, not sexing date). Flowers are not dense at all yet, diameter of the flowers are 1/2" to 1" (measuring the diameter of the pistils only).

Yes, I’ll be getting a jewelers loop to check the trichome colors, harvest is around 60% or so color change I think, but was just wondering if I’m closer to harvest than I thought. :upside_down_face:


Your girls look great :+1: Pay no attention to published flower times. Judging by your pic you likely have 4 weeks or more.


Oh good, was hoping for at least a month. :+1:


Your buds will fatten up nicely, just watch your pistils, they will start to turn rust colored and recede. When that happens, start checking trichomes, you’ll be in the harvest window.


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Lots of white pistels still. a few more weeks to go. wait til you see how great the
buds look when u get your loupe or microscope. :upside_down_face:

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They will likely go through a period where the pistils look all dark but closer look shows fresh, white pistils still emerging. That is when they are putting on weight and getting denser. Those early trichomes will get swallowed up within the buds.

Cool, what’s a good microscope?

ths is what i have. i duct taped it to a music stand so i would have steady pics.
20.00 $


Cool. Looks nice.