White mucus around germinating seed?

Hello! New grower here. I’ve had two seeds germinate beautifully, but the last seed I have in water has created a mucus-like sack around the seed. When I tried to move the seed with tweezers, it seems to be coming from the seed itself. Any suggestions? :pray:

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I’ve had some of this slime, and some continued germinating as normal, and some did not. I would recommend removing the seed and place in a moist paper towel, so it can get oxygen.

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Put it in some moist soil where it belongs.


That’s a fungus trying to consume the seed. To save it, I’d give it a rinse in fresh water with some 3% hydrogen peroxide in it (like a cap full to 8 oz water) for like 30 minutes to kill the fungus and then plant it in your medium of choice.