White Mold Spots?

Hey ILGM Family.I’m wondering if anyone with experience can shed light on this issue I’m having.This is my first grow and it was going smooth until I noticed white powder mildew on my plant…Well I’m assuming it is.Im in week 6 of flower.I keep my humidity @ 45 and and Temp around 70-74.I water every few days until runoff.I have good airflow in my grow tent.Google helped somewhat and people mentioned Peroxide,Neem, etc. but I only wanna do whats proven to help without risking my Girls.Any help would be greatly appreciated,Thx.

Try a 3:1 mixture of water to 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is totally safe and can keep it under control if you have a mild case. Spray the entire plant as thoroughly as possible.

Repeat in 30 minutes, the after another 30 minutes just do plain water.

If you have a severe case it will be harder, especially this close to harvest.

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Do I spray with the lights on or off???

I spray with lights on, a few water spots this far into the grow isn’t a concern for me, if I get them I don’t notice. I have dimmed them for a few hours however.

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Got it.I’ll try your method and I have been reading Peroxide is the safest way to go as well.Thank You my Friend


Peroxide does not keep it away tho. It removes it temporary. Im going thru this now with my plants as my house got to 89 degrees last week onside and ruined my stuff in my bathtoom. Its horrible i hate wpm. Get it and keep control of it. I pull the plants 1 at a time and bathroom tub soak them down then use shower head to spray off plant. Try not to get peroxide water in the soil i use a garbage bag to try and stop most of it from entering soil. Peroxide will kill any bebeficial bacteria in the soil thats needed. Good luck wpm sux

Sorry to hear that.I did everything right and still got mold.Luckily it’s on one plant and I’m deep into flower.Gonna control it as much as possible for now with Peroxide and wipe the leaves with Organic neem.I’ll update if this works and post the results.Thanks