White leaves on plant after seed poped off

i just germinated my seed and put it in soil and it poped up and part of the seed fell off but the leaves are white will my plant be ok?


Yeah, should be fine… just give her some time. :v::bear:


the stem is also starting to turn realy purple im totaly new to this im sorry for all the questions

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Dont over water your baby.

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is my plant dying?

It looks like it might make it . It’s getting some color in it now . It looks like the soil got a little too much water . Let the soil dry up some .

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It’s just gonna take a little more time should be :+1:

thanks for the help guys

looks like the seed husk is stuck on it,
CAREFULLY pull it off now and let the cotyledons spread out and get some light.!

Mine was like that just kept it covered with a dome and she opened up a couple days later!!

Be very careful removing a seed shell, you can do incredible harm if you get impatient.

I’m currently totally re-thinking my sprouting method so that’s about all I can give you just now except to reduce the wet and give it lots of light to green up with

And remember Myagi’s advice: “If plant have strong root - it will grow”

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