White leaf Spots

Please help. Trying to figure out what these spots are from. Light burn, spider mites, nute issues???

Any sign of bugs? This looks like it could be white fly damage. Maybe green flies or spider-mites as well.

Nute or pH issues will usually affect the stems as well, and often the leaves will twist or look a little shriveled.

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Looks like when mine were starting to get spider mites . Neem oil water and a few drops of soap in a spray bottle shake well spray leafs top and bottom well till dripping . Wiped down the inside of the tent with a alcohol water spray . Used neem oil every week in veg as a prevention measure this cured it for me good luck

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My fear is that its spider mites. Plants are in their dark period until 11pm. I’ll do a full check later tonight. I have my neem oil mix ready to spray.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m guessing spider mites. How they got there is beyond me. Will confirm later tonight when the plant’s 6 hour dark period ends. I have my neem oil/soap mix ready to go and will spray my other two plants. Will wipe down the tent as well.

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Looks like white flys might be around… check undersides of leaves I am currently fighting them

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I also think it’s damage from whiteflies.

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I don’t think they are flies. Looks like Spider Mites. Could see the eggs under the leaves. Sprayed the f’ out of them today with my Neem oil mix along with some Take Down spray. Relieved I got to it before it got too out of control.

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@H8ster ,looks like aphids to me .Can you get us a closer picy to be sure ,as you treat diff pest differently .


@H8ster ,Can you get FOOD Grade . DE ?? if so dust the plant ,soil and surrounding area .
Hammer .

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Looks like what im dealing with… Shake the plant and see if any flies fly off and try to land on it again… And yeah get the food grade DE and make sure u dust everything and rub run under leaves… Check out my thread for pics

No flies anywhere.

I can probably get DE. Gonna see how the neem oil mix and the Take Down spray work. I can see how they would look like aphids. Using a mag glass, they didn’t move. Looked to be eggs. Regardless, I’ll take another pic in the morning

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What about soil? Any bugs noticeable in the soil after watering? Try lookin around in the soil they like wet soil… The aphids

@H8ster, hold up a second , the product you mentioned ( TAKE DOWN) not familiar enlighten me a little before use, please .Don’t want you hurt Or your girls . @ me when you get me some info .
Hammer .

my plant has gone completely bonkers. My local grow shop guys are stumped. They said that so many issues are wrong with the plant. That it hardly resembles any Canabis plant they have seen.
There have been temp/RH swings. Recent root shock from transplanting. Leaf structure is abnormal. Overnight, the plant became twisted and contorted. Was thinking Nitrogen toxicity. Tips dried out looking curled down at 90 degree angle.
The infestation of the plant was at first thought to be spider mites. Then aphids due to the size of the evidence on the leaf. But there is some light webbing as well, which I thought was lint. But nothing can be seen moving. Naked eye or magnifying glass, etc. Looking now at the possibility of broad mites. Going to quarantine the plant from my other two.
Other then the infestation issue, I am wondering if I have root rot. I don’t over water and the RH is never crazy ugh. Fluctuates between 35-65. I did do a transplant last week and used Rooters Mycorrhizae for the roots. Pic is below the plant pics.

As a result of all of this, I flushed the plant with 6.0 ph’d water and let it run through. Thinkin of doing a hydrogen peroxide rinse as well to kill any bad bacteria. Gonna lower the RH to 30’s. Then let it all dry out over the next few days. Ugh, what a mess.

@H8ster, [quote=“H8ster, post:17, topic:7873”]
. That it hardly resembles any Canabis plant they have seen

Then they haven’t seen many MJ plant’s LOL …Ok don’t use this on budding plants .but you can defiantly use on this one . spray plant ,container ,and surrounding area , Every 3 days for 4 times …water the top of the soil only . and don’t expose to direct sun after spraying till dry .use a fan if you can .your plant looks to be over watered as well .go by weight ,feeling on the water . theyell get lite when they need water . and add 1 -2 teaspoons house hold peroxide to them . also what is you ph at ? ps the peroxide will kill those beneficial microbes. so save them till you get that girl turned around .
Hammer .

I As far as watering goes, I’ve been careful not to overwater. If anything I underwater. This last go around though, I did a pot transplant. Applied the rioters mychorrhiaze, and added a fresh watering of mutes. General Hydro’s Grow A & Grow B (10ml each per gallon of 6.0 pH’d water) along with Diamond Nectar (2 tsp). The next day I applied the Neem oil mix along with the Take Down right before the 6 hour dark period was to start. Then repeated the Neem Oil & Take down combo 2 days later. Just too damn much of everything happening at once.

Thinking of applying some Magic Green to the leaves. Got a free sample. What do your think?

Quick question. Being that I flushed the medium, with basic water, pH’d of course, when should I reapply a fresh batch of nutes? When it drys out completely or sooner? Don’t want to risk more overwatering by applying new nute batch too soon, but also, I dont want to starve the plant of nutes while it tries to heal.