White growth on buds

Hi everyone. The tops of the buds are getting these white growths, this includes lower say mid plant ones too.
Growing in hydro in 4x8 tent, 1000 watt LED over it at 11.5" from plant, temps always about 24C (72F), humidity around 30%, water temp 20C (68F). I can hold my hand between the light and highest plant top with no issues not hot. Is light to close. Genetics?

You gotta wait until you get the check mark saying the pic is loaded before hitting reply. Please post another

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Yes I see that.

They’re not entirely sure what causes this other than it is LED related. They thought originally that it was light bleaching but when they analyzed the bud they saw it was trichs growing on trichs. They also found that the white part of the buds had more potency and terpenes than the green parts of the same plant. I think genetics have to play a part in it or else you’d be able to duplicate it plant after plant.


Light is way too close, I’d go 18" minimum.


Thanks for that. Love when a problem really isn’t one. It’ll be interesting to see how it finishes.

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