White fuzzy mold on the earth

I seem to have a white fuzzy mold on the earth as well. 3x3 grow tent, normal temp. & humidity. Circulation fan going.
Is the peroxide & water mix 1:1?


I usually mix peroxide: water in a 1:4 ratio.

You might need to let you soil dry out and do your humidity to make that go away. If the skill is constantly wet it can lead to growth

Thanks for the info. I really do appreciate the response. Temp is around 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) Humidity is between 50 & 55%. I was told that peroxide cannot hurt a plant so I figure I’ll spray the soil & mist the plant.

Test your solution on a small area before you spray everything Recheck in morning

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@bryan if you are going to use peroxide you had to make sure that it is 3% and food grade otherwise it’s not the right strength it’s way to strong at 11.9% which is liquid Oxygen. :v:️.

Depending on what soil you’re using I would leave it… it’s most likely mycorrhizae. It’s a beneficial fungus that plays an important role in you’re plants root system. A lot of soils incorporate it in their recipe now adays, especially Fox Farm

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I use a soil called “urban gardener” potting soil

Yea I’m not sure then. I would clean it up, unless I was 100% sure that’s what it was. And I cant so

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This is the soil I’m using. Zoom photo

This is a photo of the moldy soil

Here’s a second plant

I dont see it in there, it definitely looks like it though. I wouldn’t take any chances Haha. You can look it up and determine for yourself but since you’re not familiar with it, I’d see if I can wash it put

Plus myco usually tends to be in the soil opposed to on top, although I have seen it both ways. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for the help. Better safe than sorry is what I believe as well! I’ve removed the top 1/4 in. of soil and sprayed a 4:1 water/peroxide solution on the soil & plant pot. I’ll keep you updated.


@spot how lo have you had the soil that you are using is there anything in it like perlite for good drainage. ?

I add 2 caps of peroxide to a qt. of water

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This soil is freshly bought last month. It contains sphagnum peat moss, black earth (humus), coconut husk fibre, compost, lime & fertilizer. N is 0.45%, available phosphoric acid § is 0.1%, soluble potash (K) is 0.1%, maximum moisture is 60%, organic matter 32%. It contains boron, iron, zinc in trace amounts. I suppose I should add some perlite cause it drains great but holds moisture for 10 days

Its a sign of over watering lack of air flow and high humidity and temps
You need a fan to move Air across top of the pots and only water when needed

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Thanks C.B. I raised my circulation fan up, pointed it downward at the pots & kept it on a low speed to avoid windburn. I’ll let you know how it goes! First time tent grower here. Much appreciated.

P.S. Next transplant will include the addition of perlite to the soil to hopefully speed drainage.


poor drainage is another issue spot
You can try promix hp or bx also itsgood stuff and all i use since trying it lol
The fan blowing across pot will help dry soil faster
Dont worry about watering on a schedule
Water only when needed

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It does drain really quickly, but the coconut husk fibre holds plenty of moisture. I’m watering between 10 days & 2 weeks