White fuzz/ fungus

Will this white fungus be a problem? It’s also growing on the plants roots. Honestly i think its not preventable, this ebb and flow in coco might be the perfect environment for molds to grow. Take a look

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I would remove it. I’ve gotten it before and always eliminate it with h202 then I up my water intake to prevent it. Airflow is best. But I had a couple fans fail at one time.

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How do i introduce airflow? I’m using covered plastic totes.

Spray H202 or add to nute solution? What do you mean up water intake (im guessing increase feeding cycles?)

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I’ve always used a good flush of h202 in coco that isn’t on an ebb and flow system. I just water my plants 1-2 times a day manually. If it starts to get out of control is when I’ll hit it with an about 1:5 regular 3% peroxide. Only times I’ve had issues with it in coco is when as I said. No air flow. Because of not enough air movement inside the growing area. Not air exchange itself. and technically underwatering. As when I fully soak my coco daily. It doesn’t happen.

I’m fighting this issue again myself. So it’s definitely a great fight in certain areas. Also largely depending on your insulation/filtration and overall air exchange with no stagnant air.

Maybe just mist the top of the coco with peroxide water mix to kill off the mold now. Bad is it won’t keep not away. Ur gonna have to find a way to make sure the coco on top stays moist along with the rest of the coco if it dries out this will happen. If it stays moist and alot of light is hitting the coco it will form algae so beware of that. Try and keep the light off the coco without smothering it and have a fan blowing across the tops of the medium there should always have a fan blowing under over and around the plants always.