White fungus/mold on top of soil?

Hey. Wonder if someone can help identify what this is and how to eliminate it? I’ve noticed some white mold or fungus on top of my soil. Initially I thought it was perlite but now I’m convinced it is something else.

They’re relatively small plants. I’m not overwatering them. Compete dry out and then water to drain. Here’s some pics. I’m hoping it’s an easy fix. Maybe spray the top surface with peroxide?

I started using neem oil last year for pest. I haven’t seen anything like this since.

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If you can get a more zoomed in picture, does it look more crystalline or cob webby?

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I don’t think it’s a pest. I have sticky traps up. Maybe some pm? But I never seen pm on the soil?

Here’s a zoomed in pic

If it looks like crystals it’s just salt buildup. Cobweb mold can spread to buds tho. Why I asked. Most scoop it out and just put fresh soil on top.


Thank you! Will do

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