White fly problem. Help me

In 3rd week of flower and have a white fly problem. I just sprayed jacks but they are still there. What’s the best course? They are just eating the leaves but don’t want any bigger problems.

If possible take the plants outside and hose them off real good to start.
Here is a natural mix to try as well.

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uncle jacks bug killer…simple spray, bugs die

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We shall see in the am but I’ve been spraying with jacks. It’s not really working. It’s about to get real up in here. It’s WAR.

I too am having a white fly problem during flower. And those bastards keep coming back. I spray every 3 days with jacks but don’t feel it’s super effective.

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In my outdoor Midwest grow thread my dude said azamax but you can’t use it past week 3/4. I’ve heard about worm castings also do a google search. I’m going to try worm castings and get some azamax for next year. I feel like if I didn’t spray with jacks it would be much worse. At this point it’s probaby just making it manageable. My neighbors got them bad but he has a full garden next to his 2.

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