White film around seed

I have a seed that was planted, but never sprouted. After about 2 weeks in the dirt, I removed it, and placed it in water. That was 2 days ago, now the seed has a white film around it. No taproot has come out yet, so I was just wondering if my seed was still viable?

Sorry to tell you. The seed has died.

Suggest you:
1—buy fresh seeds from known seed seller. the consistency will be better quality.

2—wet paper towel the seed until the tap root is 1/4" to 1/2" long …AND…then put in ground until just the top of the head is at dirt level.

Good seeds will hatch within two to three days. Best to let the tap root grow 1/2"…unless it is curling around instead of going out straight.
Good idea to check your PH in the water and the dirt(or growing media)