White feathers growing from main stem?

Good day growers, as a newbie grower I am not sure if I am using all the right description to characterize my question. My plant is in flower state, it is an auto flower, the bud formation is slow, not sure if I should be using transition light and feeding at this point. I am so enjoying the grow but it is more scientific than I realized. I haven’t been this excited about the end since my first born. My plant is day 37day from seedling with distilled water and FF grow feed. It looks heathy I am not sure how to proceed and what the white growth is on the main stem. This is the best place I have found for information and my thanks to you all for indulgence about my inquire. At eighty years of age hopefully I can do away with the chemicals from prescription drugs and use my garden. Thank you for all. Dean


Some pictures would be helpful

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Feathers you say?? Gotta see that! Picts please! (Just messing wit cha).

Do they look like this?


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are you referring to the tiny ‘spikes’ on the main stem right at the base of the branches.?

is this it, in the picture on the right…


Good morning and thank you for response to feathers, sorry about description, yes it looks like that.

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Thanks for pictures and reply to my question and the feathers are spikes like the picture.

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That’s the flower!!


You have nothing to worry about. She’s just starting to flower. :+1: