White dots, balcony grow

Hey there. I’m having my balcony grow - 3rd week from seed. Ph 6.8. About to start adding nutrients. Soil mix is also good. Seems healthy. Watering every 5th day. Living near the beach, south spain, other growers nearby told me to get wind shield to not get plants burnt from wind and salt. Made greenhouse yesterdayfrom balcony.

3 strains in front chanel+, 2 biggest plants are green poison auto xl, fruit jack is the last one.
Do you think those dots are the salt? Any other hint, what may be wrong with my plants from the pictures?

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I would bring ur ph down to around 6.5 but I wouldnt worry about them dots. Unless they continue.

Always inspect the underside of the leaves damaged, that’s where insects dwell, feed, and plant their eggs, I don’t think it’s an insect problem but it’s always best to side on caution and catch them early, salt in the wind may be the cause, I’ve used a whole bottle of windshield washer in a couple hours driving around a tropical island during a strong wind from a hurricane hundreds of miles off shore, so I can relate to what you’re saying about salt, and salt is not good for weed when it’s in excess, trace amounts can be used by the plant replacing potassium, I forgot the percentage, but it’s very little.

Thank you for your reply. Actually did straight away that wet napkin trick on bottom of the leaves to ensure its no bug. Nothing in there, just a little dirty from soil.

Very aware of this salt potassium stuff, so i made a greenhouse from that balcony as you can see from the last picture. No pollen from Morocco, no salt from sea from now on.

They are a little small, sprouted at 12. April and being outside from 15th , in not very typical - bad weather for this time of the year.(windy 12(night) to. 22(day) degrees celsius, sunshine from 8-15., but were rainy 1/3 of whole time. I guess I can be just glad for this size.


I’ve been at beach today. Planty of ladybugs there. So I have brought some to my balcony. Weren’t there for very long. They just scanned the plants (were walkin all around them) and flew away.