White cookies 02/29/2020 2nd grow 4x4 tent veg300w and flower540w

So here it is I’m in regular soil started in jiffy pellets then into soil and 3 inch jiffy pots then from there 3 gallon Vivosun nursery grow bags then maybe to 5 gallon fabric pots or 25 gallon big pot and only keep 1 in the tent and let it go crazy or scrog i… decisions decisions decisions… here we go if I have anything that will help me please say I will try any advice thanks in advance and thank u for helping and being with me for this grow!!! Let’s get it


If you want to see a crazy 4x4 grow, here you go. Not hijacking your thread. I do crazy wild grows and that is all I do.

Two of the plants got over 75” tall and one was also 8 feet wide. The one I am holding was well over 7 foot tall.

The last photo is the front left side of the first pboto. The one I am holding is the back right corner.

Personally I don’t recommend my style of grows.


I’m on board. Don’t know if I can give any good advice but going to watch and hopefully learn something along the way. You said that you are using regular soil. Curious to know what that means. :+1:


hope you don’t mind, but, I’m along for the ride also.
Plants are looking great

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Thank u all wow dude them plants are ridiculous I wanna learn how to do that n regular soil miracle grow

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Most will say don’t use Miracle Grow Soil because of the time released nutrients. I remember a member saying one time there is one grower that does use that soil but I can’t remember who it is.

If you ever decide to really embark on a grow like mine, just tag me with questions. I have been doing these insane grows since May 2018.

Same thing here @MrPeat I remember somebody saying they grow in MG but can’t remember who. I’ve seen a lot more say not due to if you start to have problems hard to tell what is causing it.

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Now that’s what’s up

So help a brother out I also have foxfarm happy frog jump start soil I wanna grow I 10footer help me out

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@MrPeat is the guy you’re looking for. I LST my plants so they don’t grow to tall. Nothing wrong going that way it’s just not how I grow. Here’s a example how I grow.


I am out of :heart: @Bulldognuts so here is a thumbs up. Absolutely beautiful. :+1:

@Foxfarmbc So start by filling this out please.

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So I need ur help I have a spare bedroom I want to set up as a grow room and it’s about 10x10 maybe 10x15 and has 2 closets one maybe 4x4 and the other maybe 3x7 I want to veg in closets and flower in room. What you think? Any ideas lighting ventilation fans soil or water ?? Anything please and the ceiling is 8ft high

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What size pots are those omg buds is looking amazing

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Seven gallon dirt pot by Hydrofarm.

Well first you’ll need come up with budget. Lights should be top of the list. You’ll need to look at environmental control. Will you have the access to and ability to vent room to control heat and humidity. You’ll need to decide how many plants you want to Veg and how much space you want dedicate to Flower. You need to look at what materials you can use to line walls with. I’ve seen some people just paint walls white. You might want to consider using reflective material. Those are some of the things that I can think of to start. @PremiumBudzBlondie just built a grow room in a room and did a amazing job. I’ll post a link to her journal that will help you not only get some ideas but also find the people who can answer many of the questions you are going to have. @dbrn32 will be the one who can help with deciding what you will need for lights in a space that large. Here’s the link to the journal I mentioned. I believe this will be exactly what you’re looking for

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You’ll need walk ways and stuff, figure out your canopy size and I can help.

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Hey buddy how are you

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I’m good, you?

I’m ok so I got 4 Samsung lm301 b 3000k 660nm ur and ir max 75 watts uv and also 4 lm301 h v3 r spec 3000k 660 nm ir uv max 170 watts with 2 of the 4 board Heatsinks a Meanwell hlg 240 and also a480 u think I’ll be ok to flower a 5x10 foot area or do I need more

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Those lights probably designed for a 4x4 and you’ll be running them in 5x5 each. They will probably do pretty good, but you’ll be leaving some harvest potential out there. With hlg boards they would recommend 6 288 boards per 5x5.