White/brown spots on auto ak47 still in veg

I have found a few white/brown spots on my ak47 auto flowers indoor, temp and humidity are fine?? Any one help?

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Hey man, love to help.
Pictures help a lot to diagnose.

I’m using dyna-grow foilage for veg also lights I’m using CFL my ph is 6.0-6.8 on 18/6 cycle humidity and temp are fine

Can you see any bugs any where flying little white flies or tinny round looking bugs ?
I would say bug bite like thrips or some kind of mite
It may be just a bug that came in from you out side gardens that attacked a few leaves and died
Not all mites are those hard to kill canna mites
Is it just those few leaves with the problem ?
At the moment it isnt much to worry about in my opinion it may be damage from being moved around
If it was my plant I would look really well for bugs on every leaf mainly underneath and I would spray with a neat oil soap mix if in grow or less then two weeks after swapping to 12h never use on flowering plants thats why I spray before they swap to flower.
I have seen a really bad mite infestation at work and it scared me so now I spray with neat oil twice not that I am saying you have a bug infestation
once about a week before before swapping the light cycle and once about 1.5 ish weeks after changing the light cycle just encase
I know this is over board on information for a few spots but I work with the idea or always expect the worst that way you are happy when its some thing less nasty :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and I’ve taken a good look at the plants and no mites or anything, could be like u say one of them come in from outside, I’ve also had a look and all new leaves ect are fine no spots at all it’s just a odd couple of leaves I’ll get full pics of plant and update I’m new to this so really still learning it’s my first grow and need as much help as possible for just a simple nice smoking plant, I have trainwreck, critical mass & lemon haze seeds as well see how this one goes then decide what would be the easiest one out the 3