White airy fuzz on curing buds after being left in car overbight

I have buds curing for a few weeks in a jar, always kept in a cool dark place. I burp regularly and have been using some along the way. Last night I left the jar in my car after taking a pinch. This morning I went to get some more and a portion of the bud on type was covered in a white fuzz similiar to what dandelions have. Im worried now, knowing it has to be some type of mold. It has not been there until this morning. Is there anything I can do? At this point Im not sure if the rest has the same thing and its just not visible yet. I can only assume I have something on my hands last night when I grabbed some and the warm humid environment allowed the growth to form. Can I save it?
Looking again to take pictures Im also seeing tiny yellow spots too :frowning: I havent seen any of this before

Any ideas? Ive been researching and read of 50/50 h2o2 h2o spray.
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That’s definitely mold. You’ll want to cut out the affected flower, and allow to dry a little more before jarring.


I was just tagging you. I was afraid it was all covered in invisible spores now. Thanks for the help and reassurance!

Out of likes, when I’m caught up on the forum, I try to at least look at every post. Sometimes there’s just too many.


Is the entire jar like that, is it just one jar affected? Id imagine they need to come outta the jar and dry up a little more if so.

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Just one bud was clearly growing stuff this morning but when I looked close for picture I noticed smaller suspect stuff. Took them out and separated on a paper towel then rolled to towel up and stored them in a cool dark place. Im visiting away from home right now. I will cut the visibly bad parts off when I get out of here like CG said too. Have your heard of the diluted peroxide spray? When I looked up options to salvage it I came up with water curing and spraying it with the solution. I will dry it out but I want it to be safe to use afterwards.

@blackthumbbetty will an alcohol extract method be safe if mold spores were present?

yeah if its just a bit of mold on a bud you can snip it out and wash the bud in a peroxide wash, but… it is really unhealthy to smoke moldy dope. If the rest if your stash is mold free, discard the moldy crap and let stuff dry some more before jarring.


If you use alchohol your resin wil be washed from the buds.

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If I used alcohol I was going to dilute it to an extract anyways. I wasn’t sure if the mold would come with it though.

Looks like everyone has you covered :+1:

Fedor, just do an alcohol wash and make hash oil

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You got it

Bet their ain’t to many people on here who know who is in the picture

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Well, technically the alcohol would kill the mold, but tbh, I still wouldn’t process it. I threw out a ¼ oz of buds I had forgotten in a CVault for a few weeks. White and musty smelling. Didn’t hesitate to toss.

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You need special filters to remove the dead mold spores from your extract. These are not cheap.

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