White 100w LED bulbs

Can adding 3 100 watt White LED lights to my grow during flowering help. I am growing under 3 1000 watt LEDs full spectrum. I am growing inside a grow tent. And in soil. The plants are white widow autos 7 weeks old just started to flower.

Soft white should definitely help in flower. 2700k -3000k. Not sure in comparison to 3 1000w lights. Do you have more info on them? Brand? Watts at the wall? (Of both sets of lights) Size tent? Just one plant?

I am growing 10 plants White Widow autos 6 by 10 by 7 . The lights are bestva.I didn’t know the plant’s would be so bushy.They are about 20 inches,but are healthy. My concern is if I have enough light at the sides. I have soft white100 w led bulbs and was wondering if they can help. I don’t know how much draw the bestvas are pulling,but seem vary bright.

Are they 100wequivalent, or actually 100w? Also chances are, if it says it’s full spectrum, it’s not really full spectrum. That’s a marketing tactic Chinese light makers love to use. They are usually missing a huge portion of the spectrum.
The lights you have are only 187w.
So you are lacking light growing in a 6’ by 10’.
Adding 100w of bulbs will help, assuming that they are not 100w equivalent bulbs and they are pulling 100w st the wall…
Tbh, 3 of those lights may only be good for around a 4x4 space.

I guess my ?is CFL or LED to help with flowering.

Well honestly if they are 100w cfl or led bulbs, more than likely they are only 100w equivalent and only around 23w or so. So they will really not do very much…
I suspect you will find that during flowering, anything outside of your lights area will not produce very much and unless you can get more light fixtures, or better ones. Theres not much to do.
A good rule of thumb is to get around 50w sq ft of space. In a 6x10 you’re looking at 60sqft.
So you would need around 3000w to properly flower the whole room.
You’re sitting at a little under 600w.
You can use the cfl bulbs, but you will probably need more than is really cost effective.

Wow was I way off. My main concern now is if I put that many watts how to control heat. I am already warm with what I have now.

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Theres a bit more involved in growing when using large spaces like that. Such as how big your extraction fan or fans need to be. Whether or not you will need a dehumidifier, a dedicated AC to cool The room.
Smaller grows are usually easier, because they are smaller.
But when you are getting to the bigger size grows, some of these things need to be planned and accounted for.
How big is the extraction fan that you’re using?
What are your temps currently?
Running your lights during the coolest part of the day or night can help the problem.

I am in S.FL. In garage.I am running 6 inch sun power duel fans.Getting my cooling from the wall to the house and while the lights are on it’s 87 deg.50 humidity. I am going to try saving what I can from this grow. And grow small next month. I have 4 W.W.Auto seeds starting yesterday.

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I think that would be best. I really dont want to tell you to buy more of those lights, as they are not the greatest LED lights to be growing with. If you want to be pointed in the right direction for good LED lighting. Check out Quantum Boards by HLG, many members and myself can attest by their quality. They are amazing.
Or some type of COB lighting fixture.
If you have some DIY and can build a frame, you can build a light for around 1$/w.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help. There is a big problem with amazon, and Chinese LEDs. I hate how they are allowed to advertise their lights. It’s a real pain in the ass when someone tells you that they arent what is being sold. I know cause I fell down that trap lol. It borders highly on false advertisement.

Thanks for the info,but at a buck a watt that’s 3 grand.I love growing,but can’t see spending money like that. I tried some vape from phat panda a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. I think I will go that direction. I really do appreciate your help.

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Well if using good LED lighting, you can drop it down. You could easily get away with using around 1800w of good LEDS or COBS… An alternative would be going with HID lighting, which is a lot cheaper upfront cost, and has a much bigger footprint. The downside would be heat, and a slightly bigger electrical bill
You’re looking at around 30w sq/ft of good leds
50wsq/ft of cheap blurple leds.
(these are just guides to follow)
Don’t get me wrong. The lights that you have will do a great job of growing, as long as you put it in a smaller area. I would try a 4x4 or maybe even a 5x5 and you will have some great buds.
One of the biggest problems you will have with those lights is penetration. Blurples light tends to fall off pretty significantly as you reach the edge of their footprint.
Anyway good luck with your grow. Keep us updated!

Thank you.

This may be a case where you need to shrink your lighted area. You can do that with something as cheap as cardboard sheets you paint flat white, and stick together with duct tape on the outside. That works just about as well as a fancy grow tent. If you have some big cardboard boxes and leftover white house paint just sitting around, it could cost you nothing.

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The problem is I have to many plants. They have really gotten huge,and started to bud. There is no room left in the tent. I think they are doing so good because I’ve been running in the lights 24/7. I ordered 3 new cob

lights 300w each should be here Tuesday. Believe it or not the plant I have outside I planted at the same time and is doing crappy. Here is a picture of it.

super beginner here, I planted 2 amnesia kush feminized seeds into some soil I got at Home Depot(not the best I know) so basically my problem is I’ve germinated and sprouted the seeds. one got really long and stretchy with small leaves and the other stayed small with small leaves… I replanted the long stretchy one but it just isn’t making any progress. I have 2 100watt soft white LED bulbs about 15" over them … any help please … they leaves are starting to shrivel

Got pics? Could be light stress… pictures of plants and maybe a link to the light you own

Yes I will go take some pics now. And literally I went to Walmart and just bought 2 soft white 100watt bulbs. Gonna put pics here as well

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