Whilst I had a good germination rate the seedlings lack vigour and appear to me to be old or inferior seeds

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m disappointed in the seeds I purchased recently.
I made a comment on the website shortly after receiving the seeds that they appeared small and some pale compared to seeds I’m used to dealing with.
The Gold Leaf, Chronic Widow as well as my own Indica/Sativa X seeds were germinated at the same time 2 days before last full moon in the same soil mix and under the same conditions. ( I’m in the lower end of the sub tropics 28.5 deg S in Australia )
From the photos you can see the results.
Chronic Widow - only 1 or 2 seem to be doing anything and that isn’t that wonderful.
Gold Leaf - better than the C/W but still only a few doing well
Compare to my own strain which are double the size and much healthier.
See photos below

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You developed your own strain in your exact growing conditions, so it makes sense your strain would outshine others, right? Also, since you know your own strain, I bet your care methods are more fine tuned to that strain than other strains.

Also, can’t really judge plants until they’re past the flowering stretch.


Thanks for your input blackthumbbetty, yes I can understand my own strain having an advantage in being accustomed to my climate/growing conditions however I can’t see any difference in care requirements for a newly emerged seedling.
I’ve tried plenty of different seeds over 50 years of my 67 year life and I’ve had runt seedlings at times generally when the seeds are old / small / pale. When using fresh, plump, dark/ speckled seed ( as described in the grow bible ) I always get vigorous seedlings and in turn,vigorous plants providing soil conditions are good.
I haven’t tried seeds from O/S before and I can appreciate that they may well come from a cold and very different climate to mine however that doesn’t explain their physical size and appearance.
Since the photos three of the Gold leaf are starting to look better but why are their siblings doing nothing?

You know, from your 50 years of growing, that a lot happens from the seedling stage to harvest. I bet you’ll take them through to a great harvest.

Also, goldleaf is a Sativa dominant, while your strain is an indica. Chronic widow is a hybrid.

Your seed comments are worth noting. The smallest tiniest seeds I ever got turned into monster healthy plants. However, the seeds were small and light colored. Had me concerned for 3 months…then I was a very happy camper. AK 47 was the strain.

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Thanks for your comments tanlover and blackthumbbetty , I will keep positive and hope they grow some legs.
I recently had some extracted oil tested in a lab and the report stated my strain was Sativa dominant which surprised me. Plenty of THC however fairly low in CBD which is why I would like to get some more medically appropriate genetics into the mix for a better THC / CBD ratio for medical use
Unfortunately the sub tropics with our wet seasons don’t lend themselves to growing Indica dominant strains outdoors without high risk of rot etc.
Maybe I need an indoor approach for these strains.

Almost all the newer fast grow, high thc/cbd strains are hybrids.
Want more CBD’s…let the trichomes go amber.