While doing some research for purchase my next seeds , I found this . Information request

Autoflower seeds grow small, easy-growing plants that you can harvest in 10-14 weeks. Great for new growers, small spaces, and multiple harvests per season! Copied and pasted off ilgm seed page , what does it mean multiple harvest per season ? I usually just pull the whole plant at harvest . Am i missing something ?

It means you can start a new grow, in the same environment, every couple of weeks. Or plant one every day, if you have the space. You can continuously grow autos without changing light schedules.


You don’t have to wait til harvest to start more because the light schedule won’t effect them.


Thank you ! Once again our forum members come through …

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@JustStarting with marketing your always being sold a ‘best case scenario’ and a season represents an outdoor photo plants typical Spring Summer then harvest in the Fall while an auto doesn’t require Mom Nature to reduce the light to induce flowering so theoretically you can plant outside in early Spring and harvest by midsummer then start again for a late Oct harvest. Multiple in a season. Imho

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