Which water chiller do you use



I have a small 5 gallon bucket for 1 plant and I would need to find a water chiller that is suitable to keep the temp at around 18-20 Celsius in summer. Do you have any recommendation for something under 300€ even used if necessarily. Which kind of brand do you use?


Not gonna lie to you. Im a cheap ass, when i tried some hydroponics I bought the cheapest cooler when i was gone more then a few days. Other then that i used frozen water bottles. Whatever size fits.


With only a 5 gallon you can prob get by using frozen water bottles or something similar. But to answer your question, I bought the vivosun chiller. It’s 1/4 HP and seems to be doing fine for my 35 gallon tank with the temp set to 17°C.


Eh… DWC is more forgiving than ebb and flow. Your pump goes on the fritz and you’re plants can die in hours. Imo hydro just ahavea about two weeks off grow time. Doesn’t make it any more potent or yield more.


I cannot understand your “answer”. I didn’t ask what was better, I asked what type of chiller. Also do you research on DWC and see the benefits it was over soil.


You’re right. You didn’t. I was so stoned I don’t even recall answering this. As far as a dick mearsuring contest between DWC and organic soil. It’s really a personal choice. I just prefer to get my hands dirty when I grow using exactly what came from the earth. You feel a stronger connection with the herb and the earth. The way it’s been done for more years than I care to count. Not in a plastic bucket with an air pump. I’m no ludite, but when it comes to herb having to worry about chillers and heaters and exact temp of the water. Who cares? Worry about the quality of the weed and the taste only organics offer. You’re just over thinkng it. It’s a damn weed when you push all the bs aside. It wants to grow. Just give it what the particular strain needs and it’ll do just that. May take a bit more time in soil. But you want get that flavor out of water and chemicals as you will from nature. pure and simple. As I said, I don’t recall posting that. Maybe it’s my subconscious distaste for the street idiots around here that think just cause it’s hydro it’s the shit. “Yo, got that dro boy… Nothing like this shit anywhere!” Bahahaha! Let me touch you! Yeah hydro as taken many types of cultivation to a more consistent level. And it shaves some time off the grow. What you didn’t iderstand that I’d said makes me think you don’t know how an end and flow hydro system works. The solution is fed to the plants in a tray via a pump and timer. And there are times when those roots are not submerged in a solution. All I said… And it was way off topic. Is… if the pump goes, or timer. And you don’t get the “flow” your crop will die in a CPL short hours because there is no buffer. Just roots and air starving for water. KISS is a good motto. The more parts and devices your grow relies on, the more chance something will malfunction and destroy your work. Now DWC the roots grow like crazy! It’s quite amazing. As long as you have your temp right don’t over feed. Don’t let the solution run dry. Don’t let the roots rot and turn brown. Again. My bad for chiming in. But don’t just assume I don’t know about DWC. I’ve researched about every way there is to grow herb. I’m still trying to figure out how you didn’t pick up on the ebb and flow comment. It’s like feeding time, then O2 time. But can be a tricky one to master.


Mate I think you smoked again, if you see the title of this topic is “Which water chiller do you use” I never mentioned about ebb and flow, I do not care about that type of grow and I have no intention of trying it out any time soon and I do also believe you have a ton of time in hand to right all this which has no sense to be quite fair. I have bought a hailea chiller which is working wonders.


@Laqwanies im thinking of getting 1 too but theyre pricey ive got a rdwc system that the water temp sits at around 20’c but i think it will get hotter in summer


Very interesting


@Laqwanies I have a recirculating system that holds approximately 50gal. I use a milk jug and a 2liter bottle of ice every day without any problem


cool. I am using 1 gallon and 2 two liter bottles in my rdwc, put them in daily also. Made a similar system with this grow. it is the simplest rdwc w/chiller ever made. Runs super clear with powdered nutes and I have not had to change water in ages. I even made an aerator for the water pump in addition to airstones. What I like about yours is the organization involved


Thanks for the kind words, but I threw it together in a hurry and wished I had taken more time, but it works and didn’t cost much, which was the number one factor


You are way off base… @CasterOfDoubt
I’ve grown many different ways with many different outcomes… it really just depends on your goals and what your trying to accomplish… no need to be brash … especially when your not answering the question that was asked…
Try to be a lil more friendly is all I’m saying… :wink:
But ya , as you mentioned, I’ve gotten some really tasty smoke from organic soil grows… but I’ve also gotten alot of super good weed from rdwc and 3 x more yield at that… so I would say do some more research on this and dont be so quick to judge… :wink:
Also , look at the question that was asked… my fellow stoner… :grin:



Great answer @peachfuzz, no idea what the guy is on about :joy:


Thinking about buying a office water cooler from the surplus store “Scratch and dent but new” and making a hydroponics chiller from it


Throw a pic up if you do… I’m interested… :wink:



This sounds like a good idea - I would like to see how it turns out.


I found a 1/10hp for $100 new and have it in storage with the temp in greenhouse at 55%-75% now


In my mind I see a giant octopus of tubes leading to all my reservoirs at once connected to water cooler. May have to go thrift-storing for a cooler…


I found a 1/4hp unit on Amazon for $350 and wife said she would get it for Christmas