Which type of deficiency?

Are these dots a sign of potassium deficiency? I’ve been watering every other day with 6.5ph water when the soil is dry. The soil is the Pot for a Pot kit. 2 gallon Pot. It has only been fed water and the nutes that were already in the soil. Today marks the start of week 6 since planting. Flowering stage began 3 days ago. The light is 20 inches above the plants.

Maybe calcium deficiency? Might want to get some pics with the purple light turned off too. Here is some pics I’ve seen posted to help figure out deficiencies.

Thanks for the charts! They are helpful. I did a soil test and it shows depleted N, depleted P, & sufficient K. Perhaps they used up the nutes from the Pot for a Pot. I have Calmag Plus & a 15-30-15 Super Bloom fertilizer. Would the fertilizer be better to correct both at the same time?

I would add the cal mag and maybe do half the amount of the fertilizer. I’m not familiar with the pot for a pot products, but I looked in the pot for a pot q&a section and other people had to add some calmag too.

Do you measure the ppm of your run off?

No. I don’t measure my run off. Actually I dont have run off at all. I’ve been reading up on that topic lately but don’t understand it all. If I’m supposed to be watering with about a liter of water each feeding every 2-3 days, how do I get any runoff? Watering with 1 liter, there is never any runoff and the soil dries out in a little less than 2 days. I bought an inexpensive soil test kit that doesn’t give me ppm but shows results as a general range.

Nothing wrong with not watering to runoff. You’re basically in super soil with that pot for pot thing so run off is just you watching your soil’s nutrients run out on to the floor. No reason to do that as long as you aren’t having trouble.

With those little spots it could be pests or possibly something as basic as just light burn if you got the leaves wet under intense light - the water droplets act like magnifiers and can cause little tiny burn spots. If it’s pests you could check under the leaves and see how it looks. Look for white or black dots.

As said before A pic of The whole plant under natural light could help.

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Check leaves for bumps and bugs also

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I’ll get a better pic under normal lights this afternoon. I did a thorough check for bugs yesterday and couldnt find any. At first I thought it was light burn but i’ve been very careful lately to ensure that I wasnt wetting the leaves. The yellowing gets worse every day. I’ll try some Calmag and 1/4 dosage of fertilizer at the next watering. Thank you everyone for the responses!

Asking as this isn’t eggs inside you leaves then your remedy of above post will work

A hole in leaf on top photo. Look for bugs on underside of leaves.

And looks like calcium deficiency, darker green with brown dots.

Take pics in natural light so we can see the true colors. How old are plants?? I think CalMag but need better pics.

The plants are 6 weeks old. Are these better?

What you want to look at is whether the new growth has it. The old growth will continue to look like that and that’s ok, it’s the new growth that tells you it’s health

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